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Los Angeles: #2 in Hot Real Estate

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Southern California offers plenty of beautiful communities with red hot real estate markets.  Now is an amazing time to buy real estate in Los Angeles for a few reasons.  According to a recent report by the online real estate agency Redfin, Los Angeles is the second hottest real estate market in the entire country.  Redfin also highlighted Orange County and San Francisco as having awesome markets.  Los Angeles was only beat out by San Fransciso which is a community known for wealth.  Los Angeles is big when it comes to the number of homes being bought.

Los Angeles is a very competitive market with a majority of the deals involving “bidding wars.”  It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 closed deals in Los Angeles involve a mini war in the process.  Los Angeles is so competitive that it’s even common for all-cash offers to roll in.  Due to the competitive nature of the market, nearly half of the home sales end with a price above the asking price.

Despite the competitive nature of the Los Angeles market, a few agents were quoted as recently saying that multiple offers they received didn’t involve a counter-offer.  One agent said that this is nearly unheard of in Los Angeles, where most homes receive up to 40 offers at a time.  This is actually a good sign for buyers because it means that the competition is not as fierce as it typically is.  The time to act in this market is right now!

Go up the property ladder by restoring old houses

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We see it on TV often enough how an old run down house becomes transformed in to a stunning home by having  porch builders construct a new porch or by renovating bathrooms  and kitchens  and have the house sell for a good price giving the owner a tidy profit. In real life this may not be as easy as it seems, but with a proper team and planning you can make it a reality.

The first step in this project is to plan out a budget. This should include the cost for the down payment of the property, mortgage payments until the renovations are complete and the property is sold (do research to find a realistic time span for this), renovation costs and an amount for contingencies.

Next decide on the location in which you will purchase. The area should be one with potential to grow and where there is a demand for housing either because of good local schools or close proximity to important places or any other such reason.

When you do purchase a house consider the areas that need renovating and what additions can be done to make the house more appealing and easy to sell.  A concrete repair could be done to the side walk and driveway to repair any damage caused by being exposed to the severe weather conditions in Chicago and to make the property appear more attractive.

Kitchens and bathrooms can be main selling factors for a house. Therefore it is important to have the kitchen and bathroom redone and fitted with modern kitchen appliances and kitchen cupboards as well as adding modern bathroom fittings and attractive flooring. If you are not a DIY expert you can hire the services of Chicago Remodeling Solutions to attend to the concrete repair and renovations.

Another important addition you can make to a house in the Chicago area is a porch, the popularity of which has returned with the demand for outdoor entertaining areas growing and more and more people are opting to add a porch to their houses. You can get ideas for porches from experienced porch builders at Chicago Remodeling Solutions.

One should look into the structural condition of the house and make sure the necessary renovations are done. The roof is a must to look into. In addition to the condition of the roofing material make sure to check on the gutters. Weak gutters could result in water seeping towards the basement of the house and damaging the foundation which can have serious consequences in time to come. If there are any problems you should immediately attend to the gutter repair in Chicago before the next spell of bad weather arrives.


Guest post provided by Chicago Remodeling Solutions:  Stick to the property development guidelines and attend to the necessary repairs including a gutter repair in Chicago and do the renovations required and you will be on your way to climbing the property ladder.

Fly High with Toy Foam Gliders

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Few things are more satisfying than being entertained by a game or toy you made yourself. Not only do you save a few dollars, half the fun is just thinking up the idea and implementing it. One toy most of us are familiar with, the airplane glider, is a perfect example. We’ve all had fun with the gliders you punch out of thin foam sheets; who hasn’t? But for people who are ready to move on to something bigger and better, they have the opportunity to build their own custom gliders by hand.

Building gliders is an accessible hobby that can appeal to all sorts of people, as all it takes is some affordable polystyrene foam, a cutting instrument, creativity, and some space outside to fly. Made of expanded polystyrene, gliders can be carved from spare packaging foam or insulation board, or high-end planes can be built from raw foam for detailed projects. Massive gliders have been built with wingspans larger than 10 feet, while others build incredibly intricate and precise gliders that span mere inches from wingtip to wingtip. EPS foam makes sense for a glider medium due to its rigidity, ability to keep its shape, and minimal weight that maintains mid-air stability. It is produced in multiple densities as well, making it great for finding affordable materials to test out ideas, as well as more rugged formulations that will hold up to crashes for time-tested designs.

Making your own foam toy glider is a hobby you can always work on too, since tweaks can be constantly made, trying to get a little more distance, or smoothness in each successive flight. On the other hand, a simple glider makes for great family fun – fun that’s easy and affordable for people of any age and skill level.

Business 101: Shop Layout and Display

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Are you thinking about going into entrepreneurship? Well, if you are, then there are a few things you need to learn before going into business. First, you need to go through the hoops of the technical requirements in starting up a business. This is the least of your worries though since you can easily do a web search on government regulations and business registrations and be on your merry way. Second, product is king; if you want to do business, go into something that you are passionate about and you would enjoy first as a hobby and second as a business. Lastly, while the product is king and you know it, you need to have the customers know it to.

In order to make sure that your customers understand that you value doing business with them and you value what you are selling to them, you should make sure that your store looks like a place that you can trust and be comfortable with. For that, you would need proper display layout, cases and labeling.

In terms of layout, you want customers to be able to easily move around while ensuring that they get to view all your merchandise before leaving the store. This means that even they are specifically looking for something; they might find something else they like on the way in or out. For signage, you should use clean and easy to understand labels like an acrylic sign holder. Lastly, make sure you use beautiful store fixtures to have a presentable store.

                This article was submitted by Display Warehouse; a leader in various displays solutions like gondola shelvingand so much more!

Finding the Best Fencing for Your Swimming Pool is now One Mouse click Away

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Having a swimming pool at home is a comfort as well as a liability. In some states in America, home insurance rates can be lower or higher according to the safety measures put in place for swimming pools. Also, the country has two legally binding Acts that say swimming pools must be fenced. The 1987 Fencing of Swimming Pools Act and the 2004 Building Act specifically define what a swimming pool is. The reason for these strict regulations is swimming pool related accidents. According to Centers for Disease Control, deaths of most of the toddlers at home happen due to drowning in unprotected swimming pools. In Australia, all states have specific laws about swimming pool fencing.

The main issue that home owners are reluctant to fence their swimming pools is esthetics. They don’t want to block a beautiful view or have another structure that can give a cluttered look to their garden. As a solution to this problem, swimming pool builders are promoting glass fencing. Semi frameless glass fencing is good when the fence runs a considerable length. That kind of fencing will give an esthetic look because glass panels are the only visible parts in the frameless area.

As these new fencing methods became popular, many companies entered into glass fencing business. When constructing pool fences, it is important to have a good knowledge about swimming pools too. Dimension 1 Glass has been in swimming pool construction business for more than thirty years. Customers who visit dimension1glass.com.au, can browse on various designs of glass fences and make decisions about what they really need.

Another protective installation that has received a new look in the recent years are balustrades. The traditional way of building protective barriers in balconies, stairwells and swimming pools was balustrades built with wood, stone, metal or concrete. The newly developed frameless glass balustrades look elegant and sophisticated. Stairwells or swimming pools don’t have to look dark and gloomy. When glass balustrades are used, stairwells and swimming pools receive natural light.

In New South Wales Australia, pool fencing has specific guidelines. Fences have to be in an area that kids cannot climb over them. The best way to keep kids away from climbing is building a glass fence. Glass doesn’t have a grip and kids cannot climb over them. In a city like Sydney where almost every home has a backyard pool, this kind of fencing is very helpful. Glass pool fencing in Sydney is done according to strict state guidelines that put in place to protect kids.

Glass has become a popular building material since the day it was used in other than windows and doors. Before deciding on a design for a pool fence, customers can visit dimension1glass.com.au and asses products and costs.
Guest Post provided by dimension1glass.com.au, which is a newly designed customer friendly website. It is the best place to get a price quote for semi frameless glass fencing.

The Comfort of a Warm Floor

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A part of my time growing up was spent in upstate New York. Truthfully speaking, it was a wonderful place to spend a portion of my childhood. Growing up in Southern California, I had never experienced a true change of seasons. My eyes were full of wonder in spying my first fall with the changing colors of the leaves. The spring thaw was also something that had been out of my frame of reference. But nothing compared to the shock of that first winter. I had been in cold for brief periods and taken day trips to play in the snow. But that was nothing compared to living in it. That type of cold was brutal for the first time. And I’ll never forget the pure surprise of a truly cold floor on bare feet. Apparently, floor heating wasn’t common back in those days.

In seeing what modern technology can produce in terms of creature comforts, modern houses are a marvel of ingenuity when it comes to climate control and other devices. And as much of a shock as that first winter floor on bare soles had been, I was almost as shocked the first time I felt Electric Radiant Heating below my feet. I had been prepared to enter a cold tiled bathroom and was instead met with a warm floor, pleasant and comforting to the touch. Unfortunately, the cold porcelain of the bathtub had been left out of the heating plan. Nonetheless, the tub itself had been affected by the radiant heat from the floor. So yes, the temperature change had been a bit jarring. However, it could have been so much worse.

In doing my research since that initial experience, I have been surprised to discover that quite a few folks use floor heating as their main source of climate control in colder months. Apparently, it can also save quite a few dollars in heating bills as well. While the very idea of floor heating may sound challenging to install, it turns out the process isn’t really as difficult as it might seem. Anyone with rudimentary experience laying tile or working with flooring could probably tackle the job themselves. And if one were to get it installed rather than do it themselves, the cost would eventually be overshadowed by the savings to heating bills and the like.

Granted, the idea of heating a floor had never crossed my mind until I experienced it for myself. And even though I’m living in warmer climates these days, I’m still considering having my bathroom done. Leaving a shower to a heated floor sounds blissful to me. Imagine what that would be like for you.


This content has been provided by EZ Floor Heat, purveyors of Warm Tile Thermostat systems and other fine products. Click on the hyper link to visit their website.

Benefits Of Having Glass Pool Walls

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Fencing for poolsare important as this will be your first line of defense against accidents. Glass pool windows will also enhance the appearance of your pool, making it a more relaxing and enjoyable area for your family and friends. Though there are many other options for fencing in the market, a glass fence serves numerous advantages that many people see as a wise investment. Here are a few examples why you should choose a glass fence over any other fencing options.

Glass fences are durable, it has the ability to withstand varying weather conditions. Unlike Other types of fences, glass does not corrode, chlorinated water will not trigger any chemical reactions on your glass fence.Glass allows heat coming from the sun to pass through so that the water temperature in your pool will stay nice and cool. Glass is very easy to clean, simply use a sponge to remove any dirt from your glass fence. Glass does not warp nor shrink, it will retain its natural shape for many years. In case your glass fence gets damaged, it will hold itself together to avoid any more debris from floating around your pool.

How to Prevent Scratching on a Bamboo Floor

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If you’ve done any internet research on installing a bamboo floor, you may be thinking twice about buying. How do you sift through the complaints of dog nails scratching the surfaces, kid’s tennis shoes scuffing out the shine, and even dents caused by lightweight laundry baskets? Can these complaints be attributed to the poor engineering of bamboo materials or simply insufficient maintenance?
The durability of your bamboo flooring depends largely on its quality. The best bamboo flooring can be as hard as solid oak, because it is manufactured under extreme heat and pressure. Reputable dealers will often offer a warranty with you bamboo flooring purchase. Some even offer a surface warranty, which means if your floor gets scratched, you can get it replaced or repaired. High-end bamboo sellers offer warranties that last up to 25 years.
To avoid problems with your flooring quality, it is best to look for mid to high-end flooring sellers, and steer clear of bargain outlets. While bargains are great for items easily replaceable, you shouldn’t cut out quality for a deal on home renovation projects. Take a little bit more time to save and get better bamboo flooring for your home.
While cleaning a bamboo floor you have already installed, make sure to keep it clear of any dust or sand that may damage the finish. Always people to remove their shoes before walking on your bamboo flooring especially if your guest is wearing heels. Trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis and use blinds on windows that allow sunlight to fade your flooring. More bamboo flooring information on maintenance can be found on manufacturer websites and third-party reviewers.

A Simple Guide to Bamboo Floors

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Hardwood is a common staple when it comes to renovating home flooring. It simply looks elegant, crisp and clean that can instantly boost the value of your home. Bamboo flooring installation is one of the most popular choices of hardwood floors because it is sustainable, durable and affordable than most types of hardwood. Engineered bamboo floors are another option when renovating one’s home because it is eco-friendly.

It only takes three and a half to seven years before a bamboo reaches maturity. When properly cut, the roots of the bamboo will soon start to develop new bamboo shoots. The regenerative properties of a bamboo plant are remarkable, compared to other hardwood such as an oak which takes no less than 120 years to mature. There are many different styles of bamboo floors, some are dyed, finished and unfinished. This variety of choices will help homeowners explore and develop different styles they would want to do in their homes. What’s even better is that bamboo floors are relatively cheaper than most hardwood floors. This is due to the fact that material and manufacturing costs are less expensive with bamboo floors.

Side-Lite Options Galore!

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This article provided by ETO Doors. Please visit ETO Doors Fafebook page through this link. For more than ten years ETO Doors has been in business.

Side-lites are the window-like objects that are on either side of a single or double door, normally they remain stationary; however, some side-lites are equipped to operate like windows, allowing the glass to open subtly for increased airflow. The primary purpose of a side-lite is two-fold: décor and lighting. As implied by its name, the side-lite is an additional lite for a door. Because many doors are solid, or at least ¾ solid, the door often acts as an obstruction to light, the installation of the side-lite can provide much needed daylight (and warmth) to entryways throughout the home.

ETO Doors offer several side-lite options, including the option to create your own with the ETO Custom department. Side-lites are companions to solid wood doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, and even fiberglass doors. Whichever the medium selected for your home or office, a side-lite is almost always worth consideration. ETO Doors side-lites come standard as tempered glass, so if security or shattering is a concern, you can leave your worries at the proverbial door. Tempered glass is classically shatterproof. Meaning it will act much like windshield glass; if damaged (under very severe conditions), the glass will simply crack. ETO always recommends selecting a door that best meets the safety needs of you and your family, but in doing so, provides safe glass options for all doors sold.