22, Aug, 2019

Month: September 2013

Few things are more satisfying than being entertained by a game or toy you made yourself. Not only do you save a few dollars, half the fun is just thinking up the idea and implementing it. One toy most of us are familiar with, the airplane glider, is a perfect […]

A part of my time growing up was spent in upstate New York. Truthfully speaking, it was a wonderful place to spend a portion of my childhood. Growing up in Southern California, I had never experienced a true change of seasons. My eyes were full of wonder in spying my […]

Hardwood is a common staple when it comes to renovating home flooring. It simply looks elegant, crisp and clean that can instantly boost the value of your home. Bamboo flooring installation is one of the most popular choices of hardwood floors because it is sustainable, durable and affordable than most […]

This article provided by ETO Doors. Please visit ETO Doors Fafebook page through this link. For more than ten years ETO Doors has been in business. Side-lites are the window-like objects that are on either side of a single or double door, normally they remain stationary; however, some side-lites are […]