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Pad Any Surface for Great Tabletop Gaming

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As with any piece of furniture, space, affordability, and practicality can all be issues when trying to dedicate a table of not insignificant size to a game night that only may happen once or twice a month. Hardwood dining tables can get nicked and scratched from games, and make dice rolls noisy and hard to control, while also making it hard to pick cards up off the hard surface. Padded card tables can be the solution for a small game, but full-scale games require more space than they can offer.

So what do you do when you aren’t able to have a dedicated gaming table, but the tables you do have aren’t conducive to what you want to play? Add a protective foam pad! With thin foam cushion overlays, you can make any table surface into a gaming surface.

Using closed-cell foam sheets, you can add a resilient foam layer to any table large enough to play on, making it the perfect gaming surface. Cards can be more easily picked off a table when the surface has a slight give, and dice will also roll more quietly, and won’t experience the occasional erratic bounce off the table. Best of all, these foam pads are thin and light enough to be quickly rolled up and stored in seconds when the game is over, restoring a room to its previous state.

Whether space, cost, or versatility are getting in the way of your gaming, you may be able to solve your problem just by adding a piece of custom cut table foam padding!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for open-cell and closed-cell foam sheets, padding, and comfort items.

Payless Water Heaters Offers Qualified Installers

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If you have purchased a new water heater, you will need it properly installed in your home. Without proper installation and maintenance, your new water heater will not yield optimum results. In fact, proper installation and maintenance of your water heater will enhance the energy efficiency of the unit and save you money in the long run. However, finding a qualified water heater installation technician is easier said than done. How do you know which company to trust? Do you hire a plumber? Or do you hire a heating contractor? Here’s a brief guide on how to select the right professional to install your water heater.

Go with a reputable water heater installer company. This type of business exists. Water heater installers specialize in the installation of water heaters – that’s all they do. If you contact a plumber, for example, he or she might not have the right tools and experience to properly install your water heater. However, a water heater installer company has trained technicians who are qualified to install and repair your water heater. They have all the tools and they install water heaters from morning to night, and on the weekends. In addition to having the right tools and experience, a reputable water heater installer company is also knowledgeable of local permit rules and water heater installation codes. The right company will know where to get a local permit and will understand local building codes.

Make sure the technician is factor trained. Whether you have purchased a Bradford White water heater or a Noritz water heater, make sure that the company you choose has factory trained technicians. This means that the technicians have been trained and certified by the manufacturer of the brand of your water heater. If you own a Bradford White water heater, for example, search for a technician who is factory trained and certified by Bradford White Corporation. Factory trained technicians not only know what they are doing, but they have the training and experience to install or repair every model under the name brand, including the latest models on the market.

Ensure that the technician is a company employee. Some companies hire sub-contractors to do the work that their own technicians are unable to do. However, a sub-contractor might not be required to have the same credentials or experience as a technician who is a company employee. In addition, a sub-contractor might not have the same references as the employees of the company have. For these reasons, check with the water heater installer company to make sure they are sending a company employee, someone who is wearing a company uniform and is backed by the company.
This article was provided by Payless Water Heaters, a trusted water heater installer in California. Payless Water Heaters offer certified, factory trained technicians who can install and repair water heaters. Schedule an appointment for installation or buy tankless water heaters through their website.

Garage Doors: The Overlooked Accessory

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A house is something we make our own. We transform a piece of property into a home through our intervention and desire for personal detail. As the paint dries, the wallpaper is applied, the new furniture gets delivered, we have a need to take a space and evolve into our reflection. We personalize our living spaces and create an environment that speaks of the individual that occupies it. And yet, details sometimes slip our grasp from time to time. In purchasing a piece of real estate, did you ever take a moment to consider one important detail that visitors first see when they arrive at your residence? What impression do they get by spying a standard piece of painted and patterned particle board when they could see an amazing glass garage door instead?

In the presentation of a well manicured home, it is surprising that the largest door to our living space goes overlooked so often. So many houses still possess the spring action mechanism as the entryway into their garage. And yet, we forget that the garage can sometimes present a good portion of a property that faces the world. With this in mind, why would anyone wish to possess the standard overhead garage door? We live in a modern age of engineering, where technical advances can now posses an aesthetic that goes above and beyond, while still having a sense of practicality. The static garage door, with it’s basic up and down motion, is starting to make way for an alternative that retains its functionality.

In addition, the new garage doors of this age can offer a stronger sense of security. The spring loaded doors of yesteryear were typically kept safe with a simple padlock. However, with a good hammer strike, a padlock can be rendered ineffective. These days, the automatic locking function cannot be harmed by outside forces since it is contained within the actual garage space. Without a remote, it is difficult to gain access to your home. And this should be a consideration when thinking about that safety of you and your family.

Another aspect to think about is the appearance of your home. The old plywood doors of yesterday could become warped or marred with age. And yet, an aluminum and tracked garage door can retain a means of durability, as well as the aesthetic of beauty. In the presentation of a space you wish to make your own, a detail such as this shouldn’t be ignored.

For both the sake of your family’s safety, and the appearance of your home, it might be a good idea to keep this in mind. Your home is a reflection of you. Make it the best one.


This content has been provided by Main Garage Doors, purveyors of such fine products as commercial roll up doors and an inventory of other items. Be sure to click on the hyperlink to view their entire catalog of products and services.

How to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

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When the temperature outside begins to rise, your home is your place of refuge from the sun. Your comfortable living space. This is made possible by your air conditioning system, the handy modern appliance that cools down your home to the desired temperature. But during the middle of summer or during a heat wave, it can be difficult to keep the heat from invading your space. And if you find yourself running the air conditioner unit day and night, you might end up overworking the unit.

However, there is good news. There are simple ways you can ensure that the heat stays outside while preventing your air conditioning unit from blowing out.  The next time the weather warms up, follow these tips.

Change the air conditioner filter. Installing a new air conditioner filter goes a long way toward maintaining your comfort; it’s not just for making sure it works well, it can also trap unhealthy contaminants that can cause disease, allergies, and other respiratory problems. If you have children in the home or someone with allergies, then it’s extremely important to change the filter as often as possible.  Whether you change the filter on your own or have a professional do the job, it can make a huge difference in your air quality and the temperature in your home.

Properly seal windows and doors. Even after you have installed the replacement Honeywell air filter, your air conditioning unit can get overworked if your windows and doors are not sealed properly. What’s the use of running the system if the cool air escapes through every crack in the home? In fact, your home is supposed to insulate against the heat, not let it in. To avoid letting in warm air, caulk your windows. When it comes to doors, it’s the same story. Make sure that your doors are properly sealed to avoid the loss of energy and comfort.

Set the air conditioning unit on energy-saver mode. It’s possible to have a cool oasis without wasting energy. In an effort to keep the heat at bay more effectively and efficiently, consider placing your air conditioning unit on energy-saver mode. This mode will not only ensure that your unit is not overworked, but it will also save you money on energy bills. Energy-saver mode is especially useful if you plan to go to work during the day and wish to come back to a comfortable, cool home.


This article was approved by Your Filter Connection, the online source for a wide selection of air filter products from leading name brands. If it’s time to change your air conditioning filter, visit the website to purchase the air filters you need.

Stay Warm this Winter with Heated Tiles

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Imagine the next time you left the comfort and warmth of your shower, you didn’t begin shivering within seconds. It’s hard to, right? We’ve become accustomed to the idea that the second the shower shuts off, we’re about thirty second away from being wet and cold. That’s no way to end a shower and it’s certainly no way to begin a day. But up until recently, it didn’t seem like there was any other way.

Enter: Tile Heating.

That’s right. Now imagine it’s this winter, your shower is over and instead of holding your breath waiting for the cold to hit you, you simple step out onto your heated tile. Because of a system called electric radiant floor heat, the very floor beneath you is heated to the exact temperature you chose.

But bathrooms aren’t the only place you can experience this benefit. Think about the possibilities. You could leave your warm-floored bathroom to your bedroom, which is also heated despite the carpet. As you walk out into the kitchen, your hard wood floors keep the heat going.

The bad news is you’ll have to leave your house eventually. But, still, it would be something to think about on that cold drive back. Electric radiating floor heating is now an option for millions of homes.


Article submitted by EZ Floor Heat. They have been selling electric radiant floor heat systems for close to twenty years. They offer such items as heated flooring, under floor heating and hydronic floor heating.

Using Glass Fencing to Protect Your Pool

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If you are thinking about getting a pool, you’ve probably considered what kind of fence you would get to keep others protected from potential accidents. To many, this is a tough decision. The fence is certainly important, but people don’t want one that will clash with their home’s aesthetic. Fortunately, there’s a new option on the market: frameless fencing.

Why frameless fencing? For one thing, it looks great. These fences have a very modern look that invokes minimalist style. It can match any home because, aside from some posts, there’s really nothing to see. It can also be great for the homeowner that wants to show off their pool’s look.

Best of all, with glass pool fences Sydney owners can still rest assured everyone will be kept safe. These glass fences are built to last and can hold up to the elements and other normal wear and tear. Plus, by allowing visibility, home owners can always see exactly what is going on in their pool at any given time.

Glass fences are great for those inside the pool as well. Although they can see out, glass fences do a great job of keeping out unwanted noise and wind. You can relax in your pool while the outside world carries on from the other side of your fence.

If you’re in the market for a pool fence, glass fencing deserves a look.


Installing a Floor Medallion

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Flooring medallions are charming, this will instantly attract people who visits your place. There are many marble medallion designs available in the market, you may even order a personalized one provided that the supplier accommodates it. Once you have purchased a decorative tile, the last thing that you would want is to have tiny crevices as these will completely ruin the appearance of your decorative tile.  Here are a few tips that you can follow to neatly install a floor medallion at home.

Most of the time, these decorative tiles have uneven backs. Apply a thin set at the back of these tiles as well as on the surface where you will be placing these tiles. This method is called as back buttering, it ensures that the adhesion between your tile and the surface is compact. After placing all of your tiles, leave it to dry for a day. Next, cover up the sides of the tiles with painter’s tape, this will help in outlining your grout line properly. Use a grout bag with a nozzle, make sure that you completely fill the joints and sides of the tile. Remove the tape and clean up any grout residue by using a sponge and water.


Article submitted by Medallion Depot. Medallion Depot is a great source where you can purchase a mosaic tile and floor medallions. The company also accommodates personalized medallion designs at prices that you can afford.