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Deciding on Your Next Home Project

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Every home owner has a long list of projects they want to undertake. It’s just part of owning a home. Someone living in a castle would still have a number of projects they wanted to get done when they had the time or money.

Of course, that’s not to say you’re wrong for wanting to improve your home. It’s only natural that you want the most important place in the world to you to always look its best.

For most people, the next project usually comes down to either the kitchen or the basement. Basement finishing in Chicago is big business because so many homes don’t come with them that way, especially new ones. Most people can’t stand not having their basement finished. It practically makes the largest space in their home good for nothing but storage.

Kitchen remodeling in Chicago is also big business because it’s the room in the house people generally spend the most time in. This is even more so the case if you entertain frequently.

So which one should you choose? If you have people over often, the kitchen probably makes the most sense. If not, think about doing the basement, so if you do have people over, they can congregate down there.

Most importantly, consider your budget and only take on what you know you can afford.


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Professional Cleaning For Everybody

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In the olden days, slaves were a part of households of the elites. They could be found in houses serving tea to their masters, or on the haciendas tilling the soil or harvesting fruits and vegetables in time for the morning market. Personal help was so much simpler back then and the only thing you had to worry about was where to shelter them and to feed them. In recent times however, with the various labor codes and laws on minimum wages, it makes it so complicated to hire round the clock maids for household tasks and this causes professional services to come in.

                Professional house cleaning West Hollywood has been very popular because they have been proven to be more economical and give less headaches when it comes to having to deal with the maids themselves. Due to the fact that these services are very economical and convenient, a number of buildings have also assigned the task of office cleaning Los Angeles to these professional cleaners for the enterprises who are too busy with their products that they’d rather not waste time and resources on cleaning and simply leave it to the experts. All one has to do is simply phone their Burbank office located at 315 W. Verdugo ave, Ste 209, Burbank, CA 91502 or the Van Nuys office located at 14841 Archwood Street, Van Nuys, CA 91405 and they’ll be more than happy to send the required number of people right to your doorstep, hassle-free.


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Artificial Grass is the Future

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When people mention fake lawn grass, there are a lot of ideas that pop into people’s heads. “It’s expensive” or “it can’t imitate the feel and texture of real natural grass” are the most common factors against its use.  What people don’t take into consideration is how much technology has progressed these past few years. Plastic manufacturing has gone beyond plastic bottles and plastic components for general use, and it has developed a way to mimic natural elements such as artificial turf. This artificial grass is made up of polyethylene fibers that accurately look and feel like real grass. Technology has also progressed so far that the process to make these polyethylene fibers is so efficient and cheap that the production cost has become very affordable. What makes its use even more practical is the fact that these artificial turf requires little to no maintenence unlike it’s natural counterpart that requires hours and hours of time and gallons of water just to maintain.

Wholesale artificial turf retailers are also on the rise. They keep these synthetic turf in rolls so that once you’re order is complete, it can be easily shipped out and installed just by rolling them on to your front lawn. These artificial lawns would always look good, and if you aren’t satisfied by the kind of plastic you purchased, there are also other kinds of grass that have more rigid structures better suited for households with pets or those who play sports on the grass often.


Artificial Turf Supply is an online wholesale retailer of fake grass and other artificial turf requirements for all your uses and applications.

Floor Medallions Buying Guide

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Installing new marble or tile medallions is a great way to update your property and inject style into your home. But with so many designs and materials available, selecting the right medallion can seem overwhelming. Do you want one large floor medallion or a few spread out evenly throughout the floor? Do you want the natural beauty of travertine or marble floor medallions or would you prefer a low-maintenance surface such as linoleum?

Some medallions are created for use on floors, while others also work as backsplashes. When it comes to upgrading your floors, make sure to purchase floor medallions. To help you find the best floor medallion for your home, here’s a look at the options available on the market and the cost for each.

Select the material of your choice. Ideally, you want to select a floor medallion that is made of the same material as your floor. But this is a rule that can be broken. Floor medallions are available in marble, granite, travertine, or can also be custom made by the material of your choice. Selecting a material depends on your budget and maintenance recruitments.

While natural stone medallions are beautiful, they are also porous and might be stained easily. For this reason, natural stones such as travertine require regular maintenance, including sealing. Marble is also a great choice for floor medallions, but it’s important to remember that it’s a soft material that is vulnerable to scratches. To maintain marble medallions, simply have it sealed regularly.

Select the design and shape of the medallion. Floor medallions are available in a variety of designs and shapes. Designs include everything from Italian-inspired motifs to Renaissance patterns and mosaics. You can also find classic Tuscan motifs, Spanish motifs, and other designs inspired by countries or popular destinations around the world. The key to selecting the right motif is to match the style of your home. If the majority of your home features Renaissance architecture and/or furniture, consider purchasing a floor medallion that features a traditional Renaissance motif.

When it comes to shapes, there is also a myriad of choices to be had. Floor medallions are available in circle, square, oval, and rectangular shapes. Selecting the right shape depends on how much room you have for the medallion and personal preference. It might also be helpful to have an interior decorator select a shape that complements the area in your home.

Choose a color scheme. Finally, consider the color scheme of the medallion. Ideally, you want to select a color scheme that matches the rest of your home. However, it’s also important to feature colors that will stand out from the rest of the flooring. After all, the point of a medallion is to create a statement piece that will enhance your property.


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Stain and Paint for Interior Doors

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Your interior doors don’t just need to be functional. They should also be beautiful and add to the overall look of your interior decoration. Choosing high end doors with a look that fits your overall aesthetic is one way to accomplish this, but you can go to the next level by customizing your door with stains and paints. This lets you have more control over the color or overall look of the door and is an easy way to transform an existing door into a showcase piece.

One of the most popular methods is to use a wood stain on your door. This ensures that it will complement almost any interior look while adding depth and warmth to your home. This is especially true if you use a wood stain on a wooden door. You need to check to make sure about the construction of your wooden door, however. You can’t apply a regular stain on a polyurethane door and you’ll need to use a special tinted polyurethane application. You can often check with the manufacturer or retailer to get a list of recommended stains for your door.

Another option is to paint your doors. You can do this if you have wooden doors or doors that are made out of metal. Painting your doors brings a pop of color into your home and is very stylish. One thing to check: if you have doors made with solid wood panels instead of molded panels, paint might be appropriate. The panels are made to expand and contract in hot or cold weather, which can lead to paint that cracks and flakes off.

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Improve the Way You Clean Clothes

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It’s hard to imagine where we’d be if we didn’t have washing machines. Back in the day, people spent hours washing their clothes in a tub and then hanging them out to dry, hoping the weather would be favorable.

Nowadays, it’s so much simpler, of course. And yet, there’s still room for improvement. The modern washing machine has barely changed since its inception and few people seem to realize how crazy that is.

Fortunately, many have found the compact washing machine and they’re not going back to the old ways. The great thing about these smaller machines is that they equal big savings when it comes to time, money and water.

Most are about the size of a blender, meaning you can set them up just about anywhere. If you’re going to be on the road awhile, pack it along and use it in your hotel room.

Thanks to their amazing technology, these machines can wash your garments in less time, but do just as well. The best part is, you don’t need to wait until you have enough laundry to justify a load. Just toss in the shirt you need, start the cycle and you’re ready to go in no time.

There’s no water line into your home, no septic tank system and no wasted water!


Article submitted by The Laundry Alternative. The company sells alternatives to the conventional washing machine like a compact washing machine as well as many more items that will revolutionize the way you clean clothes.

Smart Technology in the Home

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Have you heard of the Internet of things? It will be the wave of the future, especially in the home. Technologists are imagining a future where all things are connected, and one device will control elements of your home.

Soon we will be able to open our garage door from our smart phone, monitor our home’s security from our desktop computers, and set our home to welcome us with a musical overture when we arrive from a busy day. One California Water Heater company suggests that tankless water heaters will even eliminate our need to wait for hot water. These new advances will help improve our quality of life, and make our homes smarter.

Smart Stove

Using an integrated Android tablet, your stove now offers a range of options to help you cook at home or while you’re out and about. The new debut at CES 2014 shows how users can adjust the internal temperature from a smart phone, or view a cooking video while they work on the stove top. Available in both gas and electric, this stove is one of a few gadgets that will upgrade your kitchen to the future.

Smart Fridge

Have you ever been at the grocery store and realized that you don’t know whether you have that essential ingredient? Imagine being able to view your grocery list, which catalogues everything in your fridge. Early iterations of the product were mostly unsuccessful, but the newer versions incorporate more handy technology. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you use apps to determine your family’s meal plan. Newer fridges even feature a function to deliver hot, filtered water straight from the tap.

Controlling Temperature

Smart thermostats are the new rage for home improvement. These intelligent devices learn your preferences and make adjustments according to your desires. For example, a smart thermostat would know that the mornings are cold and would adjust heating before you wake up so you can feel warm and refreshed. Buy a tankless water heater to improve the rate at which your house warms water. These improvements end up saving you money in the long term, and you have the ability to over write these settings at any point.

Smart Beds

Smart beds will utilize technology to make adjustments that will improve your sleeping habits. One of the bed’s basic uses is to adjust firmness of each side, so you and your partner sleep comfortably. A built in ambient light provides the room with low-light sleep conditions, and built in hydraulics can even adjust your partner’s head height to prevent snoring.


This guest post was written on behalf of Payless Water Heaters, a distributor offering tankless water heaters and energy efficient models.

Wood, Fiberglass or Steel?

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When searching for a new front door for your home, one of the most difficult choices you will face is determining the right material. The three main types of materials used for commercially-available front doors are wood, fiberglass and steel. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks and deciding which one is right for you will largely come down to personal preference.

Here is a quick glance at the pros and cons of each type of front door material:

Wood: Many people choose wooden front doors because they portray a sense of warmth and charm that can’t be replicated by doors made from other materials. They are especially good fits for older houses or homes with large front yards with lots of trees or other landscaping elements. Solid wood doors are typically very sturdy but are most likely to show the effects of exposure to the sun, rain, wind and other elements. You’ll need to engage in frequent maintenance to keep wood doors looking good.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass front doors often have a look that mimics wooden doors, but are much more weather-resistant than doors made from wood. Much like with a wooden door, a fiberglass door can be stained so that it matches the decor of any home style. Fiberglass doors also have interior foam insulation which make them particularly energy efficient.

Steel: Steel doors offer the most durability of any door type while also typically being the most cost-effective. They also offer similar levels of energy efficiency as fiberglass doors. They are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors and can be painted or primed in almost any color. One drawback is that they typically show dents or scratches more readily than wooden or fiberglass doors.

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