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Tips To Warm The Bedroom

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ebbonesolidflannel_nThe cold winter weather is upon us, which means it is time to bundle up and try to stay warm. The bedroom can get cold quickly, especially over night. When trying to sleep, staying toasty warm helps you get a full night of sleep. Your body tries to equalize temperatures while you sleep, so bedding and accessories are crucial in helping you find the right temperature for you.


The most obvious place to start is with the materials on your bed. Swapping your light comforter for flannel sheets can add significant heat without layering too many quilts. Thread count is also important, as higher thread counts tend to trap body heat easier.

You can also use covers for your quilts, which add a bit of warmth without too much weight. The problem with stacking comforters is body heat. Temperatures beneath the covers can quickly reach unsustainable levels. Insulating blankets are thinner and provide an extra layer sewed within that reduces heat loss.

Luxury bedding with a high thread count is a good idea to top off your bedding. If you can’t afford higher thread counts, opt for synthetic fibers or goose down, which also help to insulate you.

Dressing the Part

Once you have the bedding figured out, you can work on your apparel. Wear pajama pants made with thick material, like fleece pajamas. These cozy ensembles are so comfortable you’ll have a hard time taking them off to go about your day. Pair the pants with a warm long sleeve, or something cool if your body feels too hot. Try a fleece-lined slipper, or slipper socks to add some extra warmth to your feet. Especially if you have hardwood flooring. If you are still feeling chilly, throw on a warm fleece bathrobe to top it off.

Windows and Window Dressing

Make sure your windows are keeping out cool weather as well. Putting thermal lined curtains or drapes on your windows will keep heat inside where it belongs, but don’t forget to check your windows for drafts. If you find any, you can use caulk, expandable foam or weather-stripping to help keep your room warm.

Final Thoughts

All of these solutions were done without ever turning up the thermostat, lighting a fire, or plugging in a heating unit. Try some of these methods in your bedroom this winter to keep the freeze away!

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Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos writes on behalf of BeddingStyle, the premier destination on the Web for luxury bedding from Laura Ashley, Nautica, Vera Wang, Tommy Bahama and more.

Uses of Polyurethane Foam for House Interiors

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Written by Canada Foam by Mail

Polyurethane foams are widely used in industry, construction and in residential spaces. Each type of foam is designed based on its purpose; denser composition for firmer surfaces, soft solid elastomers for pads and rigid ones for sculpting structures. For house interiors, polyurethane has various applications, from the floor, walls, to ceiling and on furniture cushions.

Building Insulation

Residential construction uses Polyurethane Foam sheets for wall insulation. This helps insulate the interiors from the cold temperature outside, and well as retain heat within the house. Good insulation design and material can reduce heating bills especially during winter.

Ceiling Molds

Custom shapes can be ordered from manufacturers to conform on interior ceiling molds. There are houses that use polyurethane molds to construct dome ceilings, and intricate wall moldings instead of wood. The liquid form is poured through molds and when cooled and removed, it conforms to the desired shape.

Sound Noise Cancellation

Flexible Polyurethane foam can be used for sound insulation between rooms and huge halls. These sheets can be used in sound proofing your bedrooms, or your entire apartment from the outside noise. These sheets are highly versatile, can be used on curved walls or narrow spaces to cancel any sources of acoustic noise. Some acoustic foam manufacturers like Canada Foam by Mail can deliver custom foam cuts and shapes based on your specifications.

Furniture and Bedding

Polyurethane foam mattress is durable and affordable compared to other mattress types. Density and firmness for beds can vary but the most common type used are the high resiliency grade. Choose the right properties based on firmness, comfort and support.

Canada Foam by Mail offers standard mattress, toppers and acoustic foams for residential interiors. Visit their site for more information on various custom grades and cuts for any applications.

Is flipping a mattress necessary?

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Written by Foam Factory

As per a research carried out by the National Sleep Foundation, an adults requires on average around 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday. This would imply that we spend a third of our lifetime sleeping. We could thus imagine the importance that choosing the right mattress and cushion has on the overall quality of our life and general comfort. Similar to the way people tend to choose the most comfortable chair and furniture for their office, ergonomy is important when it comes to your bed as well. In order to maintain the longevity of your mattress, it is often recommended to flip it often.

The frequency of your mattress rotation would depend on several factors such as your body weight and that of your partner sleeping on the same bed and on the type of foam mattress. This could range between once a month or two times a year. The idea behind flipping your mattress is to ensure that it is worn out evenly and to prevent uncomfortable body impressions from forming. Flipping your mattress, however, could turn out to be a tedious task, especially with heavy mattresses. Moreover, this method would not really prolong the life of your mattress if it is already worn out.

If your mattress is already worn out, a solution to increase your comfort would be to opt for a foam replacement. Mattress foam replacement projects are easy to carry out. You could also go for a change of mattress.

The Foam Factory offers a variety of foam mattresses such as the memory foam, convoluted foam and latex mattresses as well.

Remodel Projects You Can Do Yourself

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Written by: Quick Home Tips

Whether you are getting ready to sell your home, or you’re in the first few years of ownership, there is no reason not to spruce things up a bit. Focusing on your kitchen, your bathroom and your walls have huge benefits for the value of your home. Remodeling is a big job, but if you break these tasks down into chunks you’ll find that these projects will be finished before you know it.


Tiling sounds like a difficult prospect, but it depends on what you want to do. Re-tiling the entry way of your home is a fairly simple task. You need a hammer to break up the tiles, and you’ll need to grout the area and lay the new tiles down. It can also get fairly messy, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Stick with the job and give the flooring a good pressure washing when you’re finished. It will look amazing.

 photo tiling_zpsrbnpz3bx.jpeg


If you plan to stay in the home for a few years, paint the walls colors that you want. Keep a theme in mind that meshes with your furniture, and try to match all the elements of your home to complete the look. That means using rugs and other accents if you don’t have carpets.

Refacing Projects

Putting new doors onto your old cabinets is a cost-effective way to completely change the look of your kitchen. You can buy new cabinet doors, as long as you have measured them properly, from your local home improvement store. You can also use new door knobs, which make old cabinet faces look completely different.

Latest trends in kitchen design

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Written by The Oaks Development Company

Several trends have emerged lately when it comes to kitchen design. Kitchen no longer uphold the classic designs that they used to have from the past. Kitchens are more and more being exposed as the hearts of the home and as such a lot of attention is given to its design and decoration. The following trends might give you some ideas if you wish to revamp your kitchen.

The kitchen as the family room

The kitchen is now no longer considered as just the kitchen, a place to cook. It has now evolved as the place to hang out as a family. The kitchen now involves chairs and even sofa to accommodate the kids while they snack on something or do their homework in the presence of their parents who would be making dinner.

The Minimalist Kitchen

This form of “zen” kitchen fits the minimalist decoration of the rest of the house. Gone are the days when the kitchen had its own style or no style at all. The kitchen now blends perfectly with the whole decoration of the house.

Walk-in pantries

These are better versions of the walk-in closet, the pantry is adjacent to your kitchen and you would be able to display your ingredients at your leisure, just like Nigella Lawson would.

If you love kitchen decorations, you might be thinking about getting your own kitchen or your own house to be custom-made. There are several places that you might consider such as homes in Lawton OK, for instance. You might find information on new homes Lawton OK online. These homes Lawton contain several luxury amenities.