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How to Prolong the Life of Your Couch

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Couches are known as the ultimate safe haven from work, stress, and the daily rigors of life. It’s the first thing that you want to plop onto after a rough day at the office. Turn on some television, grab some snacks, and unwind – it’s routine for many people. However, the last thing that you’ll want is to jump on your couch and hear cracks, feel shifting, and sink inside the so-called “new cushions” that you just bought.. Yes, it’s time for you to replace your sofa. Now, it’s important that you ensure that you couch is in good condition. Not only do you want the most comfort out of it, but you also want to make sure it’s safe for you, and your children. An unstable couch could easily break down, resulting in either an injury or just a horrible inconvenience. Take matters into your own hands, check your couch for worn down cushions, a wobbly base, or anything else that points to you replacing it.

Check the Foundation

 The base of the couch is the frame. This is the center of where everything is held up by. A good way to measure whether or not the frame is beginning to warp is to lift up the couch and slowly set it down. This should be down with two people to avoid injuring your back. If one of the legs comes down before the other, you’ll notice that the frame is beginning to bend in that direction. The more it bends, the more unstable it becomes. Be sure that you keep an eye on this as it’s likely a sign that it’s beginning to wear down.

Check Your Cushions

 The last chore that you’ll want to be stuck with is to open up each cushion cover and find a foam replacement to match the one that is currently in it. But, it’s also a cost-efficient option that can be done rather than buying brand new ones. Foam comes at a reasonable price. If you take the time to measure the previous foam inside, you could obtain a brand new one at a lower price than what the retailers are selling new cushions for. Furthermore, you could also even upgrade the foam to something that fits your comfort preferences even more than it currently does. For instance, if you’ve always felt that your cushions are a bit too firm, you could find a foam replacement that’s more soft and plush.
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High Tech Safes

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biometric-fingerprint-safesThere are several features that can make a safe “high tech”. Many safes are now utilizing biometric information to ensure that only an authorized person is opening the safe. This most commonly takes the form of fingerprint or retinal scan. High quality materials and construction techniques can also play a part. Automatic relocking devices are an example of an advanced construction technique.

High security safes are normally used in industrial and commercial applications, but can also be found in the home. These safes offer greater tool and fire resistance than lower-rated offerings. Higher quality materials and construction provide a higher level of security.

AMSEC safes are among the most respected in the industry, particularly when security and quality are important. AMSEC offers plate, composite and hybrid safes at a variety of price-points and levels of asset protection. These safes are produced in the United States.

ISM safes are made in Israel and produce the only safe to receive the U.L. TRTL 60×6 rating. It boasts one-hour torch and tool protection on all six sides. ISM is known throughout the industry as a producer of fine safes that are used around the globe.

Technology is affecting the construction of safes in a positive way. The electronics, materials, and construction techniques continue to evolve and improve. The consumer benefits as safes provide greater levels of convenience and protection.

Simply having a safe in your home has other benefits as well, especially if that safe is mounted in the floor. Thieves won’t be able to easily break into it, and you can hide all of your most personal possessions there with some hope of those contents surviving a fire or natural disaster.

Bio: First Security Safe is based out of Los Angeles, and manages one of the largest showrooms for high security safes in the United States.

Three Crucial Areas to Check On Your Couch

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Instead of replacing your couch, try replacing certain parts of it.

brown-leather-couchIn the event that you need to determine the condition that your couch is in, there are various elements of the furniture piece that you’ll need to take a look at – the couch cushions, the frame, and the seat support. Each one of the three assumes a different role in the general functionality of the couch.

The Frame

The main thing that you’ll need to take a look at is the frame. This basically determines the general toughness of the whole couch. Furthermore, with couch outlines consistently being made of various sorts of wood, you’ll need to verify whether there are noteworthy splits or curves in the wood – which can also determine the condition that it is in.

Couch Cushions

Contingent upon the sort of couch that you buy, you may notice that it’s one of the initial segments of the couch that starts to wear down. Looking at the situation objectively, it’s always being moved around because of body weight, and the measure of wear that it sustains day after day is significant. One of the most ideal approaches to acquire the most out of your love seat is to buy new couch foam for it. What’s more, it’s genuinely easy to change when it’s all said and done.

Seat Support

The center of the couch is the seating support. How you can figure out if or not the seat backing is wearing down is to sit on various territories of the couch. In the event that you begin to hear squeaks and minor ticks, it’s an indication that there is warping that’s going on – a sign that usually means that your frame is wearing down.

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Different options for server room air conditioning

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1Written by MovinCool

Different server rooms will have different cooling needs. A lot of that difference will depend on the size of the room and the amount of equipment. Most server rooms at organizations are static for long periods of time. Rarely do they grow much larger or smaller but the cooling needs can change. Here are three options for server room cooling:

Central A/C

One option for a computer room air conditioner is to use the existing central air conditioning that is in use. The drawback here is that the plant responsible for the server room and possibly the surrounding areas will need to be kept running around the clock. This quickly adds to the cooling bill.

Portable Cooling

Portable cooling is excellent for smaller spaces, but it’s also useful for cooling hotspots around the room. Use them in corners, or in pockets, to keep small spaces cooler, while potentially running central A/C in addition. You’ll reduce the power consumption from running larger server rooms, and basically eliminate that high A/C bill for small server rooms. You can also use these units as supplemental cooling for nights and weekends, keeping hot spots cool while reducing overall central A/C use.


Tends to be useful for larger server rooms maintained by hosting companies, or companies that offer dedicated server space to consumers or businesses. These rooms tend to be large warehouse-like structures, so HVAC is one of the only effective means to cool an entire space.

However, power consumption does vary from room to room, and some servers can run hotter than others. Even with server warehouses, there is still a need for portable cooling as an emergency precaution.


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