3 Tips for Avoiding Needing Los Angeles Roof Repair from Rats

One of the things that a lot of people have trouble with when they need Los Angeles roof repair is rats.  If you have had to call LA roofing company because you have had trouble with rats, here three tips that you can use.


  • Seal off any openings below and along your roofline – The roof rats are going to enter a gap that’s no wider than just a half inch.  Avoid using aluminum sheeting or window screening for sealing off your holes. These are no match for a rodent’s teeth.  Rather, choose metal flashing for closing up any kind of holes to your attic. Don’t forget that you should secure your garage. You should also be careful about trees growing really close together. This is especially important when it comes to fruit trees.
  • Store your compost piles and trashcans from your house – Ridding yourself of the roof rats may be as easy as removing that big attraction: food.  Compost piles and trashcans which have lids that fit bad are going to attract rodents. Replace your cans with models that are going to close well.
  • Remove some common sources of food – If your yard has a birdfeeder that’s well-stocked, rats might be there too. Feeding dogs and cats outside’s another reason why you might have roof rats.  Even insects and snails can bring in more rats to your area.


These are three things that you can do to stop needing a Los Angeles roofing company to come out because of roof rats.  If you do need one, however, Royal Roofing is a good choice.