Decorate Your Home with Open-Cell Foam

The end of the year is packed with holidays that get people in festive moods and give them reasons to celebrate. From Halloween and Thanksgiving, to Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s, people love to get in the spirit of the season.

One way many do this is by decorating their homes, both inside and out. We’ve all seen the winter wonderlands created by extravagant Christmas light setups, and spend plenty of time planning and designing our annual jack-o’-lanterns. But inside the home, we can do plenty to keep us in the spirit of the season as well, and one under-utilized material is decorative foam.

The simplest way to do this is to go to a local craft store or foam supplier and browse their selection of custom-cut shapes and patterns. Die cutting foam into decorations is easily done with open-cell foam, and can include detailed, precise designs and fun, bright colors. Additionally, these foam cut-outs are soft, lightweight, and compressible, offering many benefits. They can be hung from the ceiling like creepy spiders on Halloween, or attached directly to a wall, like a Christmas tree mounted with hanging pins. They can also be three-dimensional, breaking up the monotony of traditional pictures and décor.

Holiday decorations can also be a hands-on project. Trimming from sheets of colored closed-cell foam, your family can make layered pictures and shapes, decorate rooms, or even make party favors. So, the next time you trudge down to the basement to haul up the next holiday’s decorations, remember that foam works just as well and won’t break your back either!