22, Aug, 2019

Guide to Floor Heating Systems

There are some people who are looking to improve their home with floor heating systems. When you are looking for underfloor heating, you are going to discover that there are three different types of systems that you can choose from. 

Radiant AirSystem- This system distributes the heat through a person’s home using the air in the home. In this system, the air is the medium that distributes heat throughout the home.

Electric Radiant System:  This uses the electricity to heat the house using cables that were installed in the home’s floor.  It’s also possible to heat the home through floor mats that are installed into the home’s subflooring.

 Hydronic Floor Heating System: This is the system that uses hot water, which is fired by the person’s boiler, to distribute heat through the home. There’s often some copper building that’s built into the home’s floor, which was arranged into a grid-like pattern, to heat the home.

One of the advantages of floor heating systems is that if you decide you want to sell your home, it’s going to increase the value of it.  People are always looking for ways to save money on their electricity and other costs, so when they find a home that helps them do that, they are eager to buy it.

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