22, Aug, 2019

hoistsdirect.com – Two Advantages of Air Hoists

Article submitted by Hoist Direct

There are a lot of businesses which use a Harrington hoist.  One of the types of hoists that Harrington makes is the air hoist that many people choose to use when they need to get a hoist.  There are two reasons that people like to use an air hoist.

Speed and Weight

These are simpler to use because they weigh less. They weigh up to 50% less than the electric hoists and that means a workplace that is more productive. It also means that it’s easier to install and easier to move. They also operate at quicker variable speeds.


They’re designed to keep on functioning even when the conditions are difficult, such as hot or damp weather.  Conditions in the job site where there is a lot of dust won’t harm these kinds of hoists as much either.  Steam and toxic fumes are additionally less likely to affect its performance as well.  They don’t need surge protectors, either, like electric hoists do. This type of industrial hoist also doesn’t retain heat like the electric hoists and a lot of them have motors which are self-cooling.  In addition, when you stall when using one of the air hoists it won’t mean damage to your engine.

These are just two of the big reasons that people use air hoists.  There are many other advantages of the pneumatic hoist and you can find out more at www.hoistsdirect.com. This is a great site that is going to provide you lots of information about all kinds of hoists.