Making an Awesome Man Cave

Spare household areas can be somewhat of a science to figure out what their purpose should be. Most use it as a storage or display room (sometimes a mixture of both), but it can be so much more than that. Creating an entertainment room can turn the room into a place of everything awesome, and a great place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

What to put in the entertainment room depends a lot on its size. If it is a small room on the interior of a house, a couch and a nice TV are a must. These areas are good to put a gaming console or a Blu-ray player to have as an option so the entire living room is not taken up when someone wants to play a game. Other stuff, like a basketball goal or pong table can make for some fun secondary games when hanging with friends. The idea to the room can produce many different results, but the main idea is to have a private area to go when the person wants to be alone, or to avoid disturbing another event going on within the household.

If the free area is a garage, shed or very large room, the options are endless. These places are often designed to be private areas to invite people over and enjoy some free time. In these situations, a pool table is a must for ambiance if the people are not avid pool players. It’s also good to have a couple couches and chairs to make everyone comfortable, and a layout that is easy to use. A dedicated fridge and microwave should be placed out of the way to have a place to store beer and party foods. The TV, however, should be as gigantic as humanly possible with a 7.1 surround system of at least 1000 watts RMS. Not only will this make football games incredible, but make movies be the best thing ever witnessed by man.

Despite how big the room is, there are some common things that should be included in both. Wall fixtures, such as jersey display cases for high school memorabilia or favorite sports teams, should be included to create the feeling of competition. Implementing a simple idea into these rooms is a good way to have a target for what other things to add in the future when browsing around. For example, using convex glass for the fronts of cases can create a unique look that can become an interesting theme in décor throughout. Implementing a theme with other interests involved is a great way to put a little self-expression into the room as well.

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