Reasons to Aerate a Lawn

Article written by : Home Deco Design

With the restrictions of time and energy that creeps into our daily schedule on a daily basis, there comes a time when the effects of this, impacts our immediate environment. Take for example, your lawn, which due to neglect, can look brown and dirty and for all practical purposes, sick.
One way by which you can restore the lawn to its original beauty is by aerating the lawn using spiked shoes or for that matter, a powered aerator.

And while some people might not be convinced that this is really necessary, here are some reasons why one should indeed aerate their lawn:

Reason #1: Nutrition

The simplest reason for this is because the grass on your lawn requires food and water, and in order for the lawn to make the most of it, poking holes in your lawn will ensure that the grass gets enough fertilizer and water. Just ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions to buy the right fertilizer.

Reason #2: Oxygen

Much like every other living thing, grass requires air to grow, and once you aerate the lawn, you will see a big difference in how your lawn looks.

Reason #3: Improve Soil quality

In aerating the lawn, you will loosen the soil instead of allowing it to remain hard and compacted. One of the best times for a lawn to be aerated is either after a good rain or when during springtime.

Reason #4: Reduction of weeds

One will see further improvement of the quality of their lawn if they use weed and feed product after aerating the lawn.

Reason #5: Worm activity

Earthworms can be especially beneficial to your lawn.