23, Sep, 2019

The Benefits of Open-Cell Seat Cushions

The-Benefits-of-Open-Cell-Seat-CushionsDry fast foam is a specially designed open-cell foam that is commonly used for boat seats. Because of the constant exposure to moisture, normal seat cushions tend to absorb water, therefore creating an environment where bacteria and mildew will grow, essentially destroying the seat itself.

Several foam manufacturers carry these types of cushions such as The Foam Factory, which is a large manufacturer of foam-related goods. Their dryfast foam is formulated to provide constant protection against microbial growth. The open-cell structure allows for water to seep through to the other side without the worry of it carrying the moisture inside the structure of it.

Because dryfast foam has a structure that is open-celled, you might wonder how durable it actually is. When you purchase foam from a specialty manufacturer, ensure that they use a high grade of foam that won’t tear easily and will withstand the constant pressure of human weight.

There are also various other foam products that you can purchase that are able to withstand high-moisture environments, such as marine foam cushions. They are also resistant to microbial growth and are a great alternative to the standard dry fast cushions. They also sport an open-cell structure as well, which is vital for water-based activities.

Be sure to invest in a product that is of a high quality. If you choose to look at the price tag over the longevity of a foam product, then you’ll most likely have to replace them months, possibly years, sooner than what you would get with a higher-quality foam cushion.