Upgrade Your Home with Energy Efficient Home Repair Grants

Any homeowner who has seen their energy costs rise over the last few years is likely looking for ways to reduce their energy bill. A great way to do this is to have a professional contractor perform a home energy audit and recommend ways to increase the energy efficiency of their home. From damp basement solutions to energy efficient doors and windows, there are plenty of simple ways that homeowners can make changes to their home to reduce their energy costs and waste.

However, many homeowners don’t follow through on their home renovation plans because the cost of work is just too high. The good news is that there are several solutions that homeowners can undertake in order to help fund renovation plans that will make their home more energy efficient. As federal, state and local governments recognize the need to make older homes more energy efficient, they are offering home repair grants and tax breaks to encourage people to improve their household energy efficiency.

Homeowners who are interested in finding out if they qualify for grants to repair their homes or make them more energy efficient should first contact the United States Department of Agriculture, which provides home repair grants in the United States. They can also touch base with state, county and city representatives to find out if there are local grant programs designed to increase energy efficiency in the home. Local contractors will also be able to point homeowners in the right direction, and even give them tips on how to apply for and get grants to make energy efficient repairs and upgrades.