03, Jun, 2020

Versatile Comfort with Body Pillows

Getting comfortable as we try to fall asleep can be one of life’s greatest challenges. Stress from your day is one thing, but a lack of comfort or support is something that can be more easily managed. Adding a body pillow to your sleeping setup can make a huge difference in your ability to get comfortable and sleep. With pillow dimensions in practically any size, there’s a body pillow out there to fit just about anybody.

Often long, rectangular and packed with fluffy polyester filling, a body pillow is soft, huggable and moldable while managing to offer support to the body as a bolster or wedge. Side-sleepers in particular find body pillows beneficial, as they can slide between the knees for body alignment while offering a bolster for arm and shoulder positioning to prevent the body from rolling over. That improved support means better sleep and waking up rested. For back-sleepers, body pillows can offer a comfortable boost under the knees and can be folded under the head and neck for a wedge-like boost in resting angle.

These pillows often have a zipper for stuffing pillow forms fuller or removing some filler for a softer pillow. In addition to polyester fiberfill, shredded foam is also a frequently used filling material, sometimes in latex or memory foam varieties. And like any bedding product, body pillows come in a vast range of material types and design patterns to fit your preferences and the design of your home. Body pillows really are a great product for a wide spectrum of needs, so don’t waste time getting yours.