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Your Toughest Lawn Questions Answered

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The TOH pros tackle the obstacles standing between you and the lush lawn of your dreams

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Your Toughest Lawn Questions Answered

How to Implement a Mattress Topper

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As one of the best ways to make beds more comfortable with minimal cost and hassle, mattress toppers have never been more popular. With a variety of materials and sizes available, a mattress topper can be the solution to sleep issues, whether you have a studio apartment, a dorm room or a contemporary bedroom.

One of the most frequent questions people have after purchasing a topper is how to properly use it. The premise may seem simple – put it on top of your mattress! – but there are plenty of other components to the equation that can help you maximize its benefit, so here are a few tips:

  1. Let it expand! Most toppers are made of traditional foam, latex foam or memory foam, and the packaging process often involves vacuum sealing to minimize its size. When you first open the topper, spread the mat foam out in a spare room or open area and let it expand fully before using it.
  2. Be Gentle! A topper will hold and support your body weight, a testament to its strength, but that doesn’t mean it has no weaknesses. When putting your topper on the bed for the first time or adjusting it, don’t grab corners or drag it because it can tear. Do your best to roll or fold the form to move it to where it needs to go.
  3. Cover it! Some people may wonder after they get their topper if they should sleep directly on top of it. The answer to that is a resounding NO. Either covering the topper on its own or putting it directly on the mattress under the sheets is vital to keeping it clean and in top shape.

Fencing in Your Pool with Glass

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When you install a new pool or renovate your old one, you want to make sure that the money you are spending will go towards increasing the value of your property. While a pool is an attractive feature to many potential buyers, making sure that your pool area is clean, beautiful and well-kept-up can be a huge boon when the time comes to put your house on the market. Your swimming pool fence is an important safety feature, but many traditional fence and wall styles are made of wood, stone, concrete, or plastic and are not attractive.

If you are instead looking to make your home’s outdoor areas more showstopping, consider fencing pools with glass fencing from Dimension 1 Glass. These frameless glass fences protect your pool and the surrounding area and provide protection for your children and other neighborhood kids who might otherwise accidentally wander into the pool area and put themselves in danger. Glass fencing does this all without obscuring the beautiful view of your pool, allowing you to monitor your pool and landscaping without having to enter the fenced area every time.

Glass swimming pool fences are an important safety feature for your pool area, but that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for an ugly stone or wood enclosure. Instead, choose a beautiful, modern style from Dimension 1 Glass, which allows you to pick your mounting style and the finish of hardware that works best for your home and garden.

The Summer Paradise You Have Always Wanted With Wicker Outdoor Furniture

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Summer is all about getting together with friends and family and making memories. You can’t make memories without having a place for you and your guests to sit. So make it possible with a new wicker sofa. For grandparents to grandkids and every age in between wicker sofas offer comfort and style at a price you will love. So kick back and relax in your new sofa knowing that the best memories will be made in your new addition.

If you are looking to spruce up your outdoor living area wicker furniture will do just the trick. Take drab, dull and weathered seating and replace it with durable wicker outdoor furniture. The bright and bold colored cushions add a pop of color to your outdoor living area, or transform your backyard into a tropical paradise with floral prints. Imagine all of the entertaining you could do in a style that matches your personality, your friends will be talking about your furniture for weeks!

If you aren’t into entertaining summer is also a time for relaxing and getting outdoors, what better way to spend the day than in outdoor wicker! Sink into the cushions a little more, forget the chores and enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade while reading your favorite book or magazine and having some time to yourself. Year after year you can enjoy summer the way it is supposed to be, simple and relaxing since they are weather resistant. So why not invest in something you will enjoy year after year with good friends making great memories.

How to Choose the Best Air Filter

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Air filters are an integral part of the home and business place. Whether they are filters for humidifier or just ordinary air filters, it is crucial to have an air filter around. It gives fresh and clean air making everyone more comfortable and productive. There are many situations where the air filters can be deployed effectively. Homes, hospitals, nursery schools, steel furnaces are all in need of air filtration. Different situations require different filters. So how can one choose the best filter especially for home or office purposes?

Air filters come in many forms and brands. A good example is filtrete air filters. They have been around for years and are of good quality. However, all filters make some noise during their operations. This noise level should be examined to feel if it is disruptive or intrusive. At its highest point, does the filter make noise such that one cannot hold a quiet conversation? Or does it prevent reading and concentration. For home use, a noisy air filter is unnecessary as it is probably heavy duty and more suitable for factory settings.

The ease of deployment of the air filter should also be considered. How easy is it to maintain too. Routine maintenance like replacing air bear filters should be easy and quick. This means that there should be minimal maintenance costs involved. Some air filters are stand alone and can be quickly deployed while some are integrated in the air condition units of the building. These are more complex and expensive.

How To Find Luxury Apartments NJ

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Finding luxury apartments nj is something that is not very hard to do at all due to the facts that there are multiple ways that you can go about doing this. One of the easiest ways is to drive in different neighboorhood and see what catches your eyes. Then, obviously, and easy way would be took look around online on different apartments and maybe even consider looking in the newspaper and classified ad websites.

New Jersey condos for sale can range an assortment of prices. The ones in the nice neighborhoods obviously are going to be priced higher than the ones in the lower class neighborhoods. However, you should always explore different options when it comes to finding them because you may be able to come across a very good deal – very good.

Condos New Jersey is something that can be a great investment for you. You can move to a wonderful state in a great area and have a comfortable home. It is a good chance that you may be able to run across some type of special and even certain groups qualify for specials such as college students and military depending on the city you are in of course. Overall, you should take your time when looking for a place and do not settle for the very first place that you lay eyes on. This way you can insure that you make the right decision when it comes to your living situation.

Benefits of DIY Couch Cushion Replacements

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No matter how well maintained, every seat pad or couch cushion will eventually wear out from use. But whether your worn-out pad cushions patio furniture, dining room furniture or your favorite sofa, there are many benefits to be had by making your own replacement cushions!

  1. It’s affordable! Possibly the biggest reason to make your own furniture cushions is that you can save money. By only buying the foam or other filler, you can save on the labor companies will charge to have them do it for you. There are even more savings to be had if you can pick up the raw stuffing materials from a local business and avoid having to ship light but bulky materials.
  2. It’s fulfilling! Think about the next time your family is gathered around the table for a holiday meal or watching a movie together on the couch. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your handiwork is what’s keeping them comfortable? Creating something that cushions furniture previously too uncomfortable to use and watching it become everyone’s favorite seat will definitely make your home more enjoyable.
  3. It’s not as hard as you think! If you’ve ever used a tape measure, traced an object and cut a loaf of bread, you have all the skills you need to make your own cushion! All you have to do is measure the dimensions of your cushion’s cover, sketch it out on new, uncut foam and gently cut the foam with a serrated or electric knife. If you take your time and don’t rush, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to turn out a professional-quality foam insert.

If your cushions have gone flat, before you run to the store for a replacement, consider the benefits of making your own!