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How Memory Foam Mattresses Provide Health Benefits

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How-Memory-Foam-Mattresses-Provide-Health-BenefitsDid you know that memory foam mattresses offer health benefits and can significantly improve the quality of your sleep? While healthy living remains to be a primary focus, in terms of improving, it isn’t surprising that today’s society is trending towards developing high-quality sleeping aides.

You’ve probably seen countless advertisements about how memory foam mattresses have the ability to conform to your body’s shape while offering a better night’s rest. These advertisement pitches aren’t too far off from the truth.

Proper spinal alignment is crucial to preventing long term issues in the future. Memory foam mattresses can assist with this by adapting to your sleeping pattern and maintaining correct posture.

Pain points can often be differentiated by a distinct shift in temperature. This is due to the natural physiological response your body has to pain. If you aggravate those pain points throughout the day, it can worsen your aches and soreness. Memory foam relieves this by displacing pressure along your body to help you recover quicker. By pinpointing the extreme differences in temperature, it will mold to your body, providing that much-needed relief.

Memory foam mattresses come in different sizes. You can find anything from a twin to a king size memory foam mattress. There are also memory foam pillows that can be used in conjunction with your mattress to provide optimal relief.

There are a variety of trusted manufacturers out there that sell quality mattresses. Many times by searching around, you’ll find a reasonable discount on a memory foam mattress – who doesn’t love to save money?

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An Architectural Philosophy That May Save Your Soul

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If you’re tired of the facelessness of interior door styles used in the soulless architecture choking cities and suburbs today, you’re not alone. Many of these eyesores are of the “International” style, which was developed in response to globalization to be built almost anywhere without regard for surrounding culture, and it definitely shows. It may feel hopeless to try to escape this monolith, but hope for a brighter, less generic future may lie with an architectural movement called Critical Regionalism.

What is Critical Regionalism?

Critical Regionalism is about designing structures in response to their surroundings. In a literal sense, architects in this style consider climate and geography to design buildings which fit into and celebrate their surroundings. Critical Regionalists focus on choosing materials, textures, and full-body touch and interaction best suited to their surroundings, instead of visuals.

Responding to Context

People interact with buildings in many ways; for example, interior doors are a key way to change how users interact with and experience architecture. Sometimes a sliding door is the best choice; however, in standard American architecture sliding doors are mostly reserved for closets and patios. How can a designer ensure their unusual door can be operated without difficulty by a layperson? According to Critical Regionalism, familiar context clues like specially-shaped door handles and materials such as plate glass help communicate the mechanism of action clearly to the user.

Responding to Culture

“Surroundings” also refers to culture. Architects look to residents to better understand their needs and values. Following the above example, you may deduce that people who live in Japan are more used to shōji screens and will be more able to interact naturally with a sliding interior door than “Americans”. However, let us not forget what gave rise to the International style in the first place! This familiarity is no longer restricted to people living in Japan. Thanks to globalization, Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans construct their homes and neighborhoods in America to suit their cultural preferences.


The International style fails by presuming the answer to globalization lies in one generic template. Cultural Regionalism thrives when it is taken beyond simple demographics and stereotypes to show the diverse needs of globalized culture. By attending to the real desires and demands of the population most likely to utilize their buildings, Critical Regionalists are able to build structures of great cultural and community value.

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NYC Feature: Brooklyn Heights

August 23, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Article submitted by ETO Doors Corp.

Everyone knows that Manhattan is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, but Brooklyn has a few neighborhoods that are now making parts of Manhattan look like the economical choice for housing.  Brooklyn Heights is one of those neighborhoods.   Originally named Brooklyn Village, the Heights was the location for the The Cosby Show, and remains true to the NBC’s story format as an upper middle class neighborhood.

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Brooklyn Heights is as quaint as it is comfortable, reminiscent of a European small town, many residents own a car, but most walk for groceries, dinner, and other family outings.  And when a trip into Manhattan is necessary, a plethora of train options exist to get you into the Financial District (FiDi) in less than 15 minutes.

Unlike many apartments in Manhattan, you may actually get what you pay for in the Heights. Brownstones and rowhouses are the typically housing structure, and if you like character, there is an abundance of the same on nearly every block of this neighborhood.  The brownstones and federal houses mostly fall within the “pre-war” classification, but have been preserved with care and accuracy to original form.  The doors are a mixture of single and double-entry ways, with the use of wrought iron designs, and painted colors as differentiators. A metal or fiberglass door in this neighborhood is a rarity; most Brooklyn Heights homes still use wood for their front doors, and given the classic appeal of the Heights, it seems appropriate to shun some modernity.


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