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High Tech Safes

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biometric-fingerprint-safesThere are several features that can make a safe “high tech”. Many safes are now utilizing biometric information to ensure that only an authorized person is opening the safe. This most commonly takes the form of fingerprint or retinal scan. High quality materials and construction techniques can also play a part. Automatic relocking devices are an example of an advanced construction technique.

High security safes are normally used in industrial and commercial applications, but can also be found in the home. These safes offer greater tool and fire resistance than lower-rated offerings. Higher quality materials and construction provide a higher level of security.

AMSEC safes are among the most respected in the industry, particularly when security and quality are important. AMSEC offers plate, composite and hybrid safes at a variety of price-points and levels of asset protection. These safes are produced in the United States.

ISM safes are made in Israel and produce the only safe to receive the U.L. TRTL 60×6 rating. It boasts one-hour torch and tool protection on all six sides. ISM is known throughout the industry as a producer of fine safes that are used around the globe.

Technology is affecting the construction of safes in a positive way. The electronics, materials, and construction techniques continue to evolve and improve. The consumer benefits as safes provide greater levels of convenience and protection.

Simply having a safe in your home has other benefits as well, especially if that safe is mounted in the floor. Thieves won’t be able to easily break into it, and you can hide all of your most personal possessions there with some hope of those contents surviving a fire or natural disaster.

Bio: First Security Safe is based out of Los Angeles, and manages one of the largest showrooms for high security safes in the United States.

How to Install a Safe in the Home (Where, and general tips)

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No matter how secure your home, it’s impossible to prevent unauthorized entry and access altogether, so it’s vital to have a burglary safe so that you can ensure the safety of your most important items. A quality safe offers protection from both criminals and house fires, but you must set up and install them correctly to get the best results.

wall safe install

Buying a Safe

Buying high security safes is not to be taken lightly, and you must ensure any safe you use can protect your property adequately. A reliable safe will cost a little bit more than its standard counterparts, but you can reduce the cost by finding quality used safes. Always ensure you check the fire rating of each safe so that you know how long it will protect your items in the event of a house fire.

Installing Your Safe

Picking a good location for your safe is essential, and the wrong location will increase the odds of losing your valuables. For the best results, find a place that is out of sight but easy for you to access. Burglars have been known to steal safes and try to crack them in a secure location, so you must bolt your safe to the ground so that you can prevent this problem. Some people opt to secure their safe to a wooden floor, but while this will buy you some time, it does not offer dependable protection. When you want a safe to be as secure as possible, you must bold it to a cement foundation.
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Smart Technology in the Home

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Have you heard of the Internet of things? It will be the wave of the future, especially in the home. Technologists are imagining a future where all things are connected, and one device will control elements of your home.

Soon we will be able to open our garage door from our smart phone, monitor our home’s security from our desktop computers, and set our home to welcome us with a musical overture when we arrive from a busy day. One California Water Heater company suggests that tankless water heaters will even eliminate our need to wait for hot water. These new advances will help improve our quality of life, and make our homes smarter.

Smart Stove

Using an integrated Android tablet, your stove now offers a range of options to help you cook at home or while you’re out and about. The new debut at CES 2014 shows how users can adjust the internal temperature from a smart phone, or view a cooking video while they work on the stove top. Available in both gas and electric, this stove is one of a few gadgets that will upgrade your kitchen to the future.

Smart Fridge

Have you ever been at the grocery store and realized that you don’t know whether you have that essential ingredient? Imagine being able to view your grocery list, which catalogues everything in your fridge. Early iterations of the product were mostly unsuccessful, but the newer versions incorporate more handy technology. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you use apps to determine your family’s meal plan. Newer fridges even feature a function to deliver hot, filtered water straight from the tap.

Controlling Temperature

Smart thermostats are the new rage for home improvement. These intelligent devices learn your preferences and make adjustments according to your desires. For example, a smart thermostat would know that the mornings are cold and would adjust heating before you wake up so you can feel warm and refreshed. Buy a tankless water heater to improve the rate at which your house warms water. These improvements end up saving you money in the long term, and you have the ability to over write these settings at any point.

Smart Beds

Smart beds will utilize technology to make adjustments that will improve your sleeping habits. One of the bed’s basic uses is to adjust firmness of each side, so you and your partner sleep comfortably. A built in ambient light provides the room with low-light sleep conditions, and built in hydraulics can even adjust your partner’s head height to prevent snoring.


This guest post was written on behalf of Payless Water Heaters, a distributor offering tankless water heaters and energy efficient models.

Why synthetic turf grass works?

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Article submitted by www.ArtificialTurfSupply.com

Ever since artificial turf has been used for professional sports such as field hockey and football, the business has extended to several commercial and home-based applications such as lawns for establishments as well as for the home.

They’re everywhere these days, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be. The beauty of getting an artificial turf lawn done is that it looks so real even though several folks might refer to it as a fake lawn. However, you look at it, this invention has worked wonders in reducing the risk of player injuries due to the consistent surface they get to show their skills on but also in the durability and sheer comfort that one can experience if they do opt to build a ‘fake lawn’ in their home.

As you should also know that the synthetic turf grass used is very similar to the real thing, and is normally offered with infill which makes the grass stand as if it were the real thing itself.

However, one must be cognizant of the fact that there are several organizations that provide this kind of product and hence one must look for an organization that is able to provide the best deals available. For this, people can get instant quotes over the internet and perhaps this is where one must begin their journey to enjoying the comfort of a lawn at home