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Three DIY outdoor upgrade tips

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You’ve already spent enough money (and time) renovating your home. Avoid one of the most common mistakes and pay some attention to your yard. Not all yard upgrades need to add to your budget. Here are three quick fixes from Wicker Paradise that you can implement without breaking your budget:


There is no need to hire a landscaper. All you need is a few hours to spare. This is one of the few arts you can start right away and “learn on the job.” Besides, most homeowners outsource landscaping, so taking care of your yard is admirable. Uproot weeds and trim off those unsightly shrubs. (They harbor bugs too). Large vegetation blocks sunlight so consider moving or removing them and brighten up the area.

Add plants

Visit your local plant store and go for plants with brightly colored leaves (or petals). You could even wake your creative side and experiment with DIY planters. Check out the thousands of tutorials on YouTube, on how to buy, place, and look after plants. Just a few colorful planters can make a difference.


Chances are, you’re already spending a generous portion of your day in the patio. It should be welcoming and relaxing. Visit your favorite outdoor showroom and get Gloster Teak Replacement Cushions and add some luster to your outdoor space.

All it takes are a few small changes to make a big difference in your yard. If you have the time to spare, a DIY project like this can be extremely satisfying.

Best sunroom furnishing ideas

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Sunrooms can be a popular room in any home as they allow the outdoors in when the weather is not ideal. Picking the right sunroom furniture is important as it means that each piece of furniture is versatile and often used.

Seating – Sunrooms will need sufficient comfortable seating. Look at furniture in wood, wrought iron with thick cushions for comfort. Wicker is also a popular choice for sunrooms and provides a patio feel within your home.

Tables – When choosing a table, look at how you intend to use your sunroom. If your sunroom is used for dining and entertaining, look at a dining table that is large enough for most family gatherings. On the other hand, if your sunroom is used to watch TV, read and enjoy a cup of coffee, look at investing in a low coffee table and side stools instead of a dining table.

Design elements – Although there are numerous design themes for sunrooms, the main idea of a sunroom is to bring nature indoors. Look at wicker planters that hold your choice of lush plants like palms and ferns. Artwork can also follow this theme and center around nature within your country or state. Lighting is a very important element. Consider adding side lamps for seating near a couch, spotlights to emphasize the ceiling and small spotlights to draw attention to your paintings. Adding a small fridge with an area to make your coffee, tea, and hot chocolate is a nice feature to encourage the family to spend more time in this space.

Written by Wicker Paradise. Add a beautiful modern sun room to your home with sunroom furniture from Wicker Paradise.

Four benefits of adding a portable air conditioner to your home events

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There is so much planning that goes into organization large parties and functions, even if they are at home that it is easy to miss important factors like cooling. Often, when you have a party on your lawn or backyard, we forget to include some form of outdoor cooling for the event. Here are some of the advantages of adding a portable air conditioner for your events:

Food mishaps

Large events tend to have desserts and cakes. When the temperature starts to rise as the guests come, you risk melting some of the desserts. Also, it becomes challenging to keep so many guests cool that you will run out of ice and cold drinks.

Party longer

You can plan for many factors of a function but not the weather. When it gets too hot (or too cold) your guests might leave early. Since we are looking at a home event, the food and drink will be paid for. Keep the temperature stable, and it is more likely that your guests will stay longer.


An extra hot day will also impact any other vendors hired for the event. The caterers, servers, and even the DJ will feel the heat. When people are hot for long periods of time, it affects their performance, which in turn can affect your event.

Setting up a portable air conditioner is easy. According to MovinCool.com, their units are entirely self-contained, enabling quick and easy set-up, installation and breakdown at all events.

How to Choose the Right Thickness and Density Level for a New Memory Foam Mattress Topper

May 19, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

Summary: Memory foam bed toppers can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a good night’s rest. But first, you’ll need to consider both thickness and density levels to obtain maximum support.

Purchasing memory foam bed toppers for your home can make a huge difference in the way you sleep. However, buying these toppers requires a complete understanding of how it can provide you with this added benefit. This guide is designed to discuss two important factors, thickness and density, of toppers that you’ll need to know to find the most suitable option.

Why Buy a Memory Foam Topper?

Memory foam has proven to feel far better when compared to a traditional foam mattress topper made from polyurethane. For one, memory foam gel offers support, comfort, and a unique therapeutic advantage for those suffering from joint and muscle problems. Furthermore, it has the capability to “memorize” your body posture and keep you in the most therapeutic position while sleeping.

Choosing the Correct Thickness and Density

Now, let’s get into the variable options that you have available to you. The three most common are 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches.

A 2-inch thick topper has the least thickness and merely provides a minimal amount of added comfort and features of having a memory gel feel on your existing mattress. However, for those that are unfamiliar with memory foam mattress toppers, it’s a good place to start – not everyone finds a thicker topper more comfortable.

A 3-inch thick topper is the most popular mattress topper due to its ability to provide extra soft surface and support to the backbone and neck. Essentially, it contours according to the curves on your body. If you require an extra soft and supportive memory foam feature, then you should consider purchasing this one.

A 4-inch thick toper is more of a luxurious toppers as it can provide you with all of the benefits a king size memory foam mattress can. This type of topper can completely adjust according to your body’s shape and weight – and lifts up the body parts that require support. Although this is your most expensive option, note that it can mimic the feel of a memory foam bed, which is a perfect alternative if you’re unwilling to make the entire switch.

Choosing the Right Density

The density of memory foam determines the extent to which you will be obtaining the comfort, warmth, and support of the topper. Note that memory foam mattress toppers vary in density levels – the higher the pound per cubic foot, the higher the quality of memory foam you’ll be receiving. While you may be inclined to purchase the highest density available thinking it’ll give you the best sleep, don’t rush your purchase. It’s important that you give each type of topper a try, even if it’s a push of a finger. You may change your mind after trying out different density levels. Some like their memory foam feeling soft and plushy while others like a more firm bed that tightly contours around the body. Stay open to trying out different toppers and choose one that best suits your needs.

Choosing a memory foam mattress

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Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Memory foam mattresses are a popular alternative to the standard innerspring mattresses. There is a lot to like about a memory foam bed, they are comfortable, provide excellent support and contour to your body. However, you need to be very careful when buying one. Here are some tips when choosing:

Density – Most people believe that the density of the foam is how it feels. That is wrong. In fact, the density of foam defines the durability of the product. Watch out for products that specify density only for a single layer rather than the entire mattress.
mmHg – For those that haven’t heard of mmHg before, it is the measurement of comfort used for beds. The value is how you determine how the mattress reacts to pressure. The healthcare industry has a standard of 32mmHg or under to be considered as pressure relieving.
Indentation Load Deflection – The ILD of a mattress can range from 6 to 40. A memory foam mattress Canada should have an ILD of somewhere between 10 and 16. Good mattresses use multiple layers with different ILD values for comfort.
Origin – Tests on imported mattress and mattress components are limited. Make sure to choose a mattress made in the USA or Canada rather than one that is assembled locally. It is difficult to tell the quality of an imported product as chemical odors are masked.


At The Foam Factory, Inc, you can find just about every type of cushion you could ever need and each one is more comfortable than the last. So whether you need memory foam bed toppers, replacements, an option for your RV, something to sleep on in your bedroom or just about anything else, this store will have what you’re looking for.

How to buy your own outdoors cushions

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foamfactory6Written by The Foam Factory

Outdoor cushions often need to be replaced as they get damaged by the elements. Consider replacing your outdoor cushions at least every 6 – 8 months, if your furniture is not covered. Here are some tips on how to replace your outdoor cushioning and purchase a new set of custom outdoor cushions.

Measurements – Start off by measuring your cushions and noting it down.

The filling – There are many types of foam fillings that are added to outdoor furniture to make it feel more comfortable. You could choose the cushioning you currently use if it has served you well and it is durable. However, if you feel that you need stronger more durable foam, consider flexible polyurethane foam. This type of foam is affordable and durable if it is encased in a water resistant cover. You could also mix your foam, by adding a thin layer of memory foam, to increase comfort.

Choose your fabric – If you are planning on replacing your cushions outside, it is best to choose a fabric that is water and sun resistant. Although these fabrics are more expensive, they will require a lot less maintenance and would look their best all year around.

Colors – When choosing a color for your outdoor space, remember that neutral colors work best as they can be dressed up or down with accents, like throw pillows, lanterns, and fresh flowers.

Choose a vendor – Once you have your requirements, visit online websites that sell custom outdoor cushions and choose one that suits your criteria and budget.


The Foam Factory has operated in the foam industry for several years. They have a special Dryfast foam that is ideal for upholstery foam Canada.


High Tech Safes

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biometric-fingerprint-safesThere are several features that can make a safe “high tech”. Many safes are now utilizing biometric information to ensure that only an authorized person is opening the safe. This most commonly takes the form of fingerprint or retinal scan. High quality materials and construction techniques can also play a part. Automatic relocking devices are an example of an advanced construction technique.

High security safes are normally used in industrial and commercial applications, but can also be found in the home. These safes offer greater tool and fire resistance than lower-rated offerings. Higher quality materials and construction provide a higher level of security.

AMSEC safes are among the most respected in the industry, particularly when security and quality are important. AMSEC offers plate, composite and hybrid safes at a variety of price-points and levels of asset protection. These safes are produced in the United States.

ISM safes are made in Israel and produce the only safe to receive the U.L. TRTL 60×6 rating. It boasts one-hour torch and tool protection on all six sides. ISM is known throughout the industry as a producer of fine safes that are used around the globe.

Technology is affecting the construction of safes in a positive way. The electronics, materials, and construction techniques continue to evolve and improve. The consumer benefits as safes provide greater levels of convenience and protection.

Simply having a safe in your home has other benefits as well, especially if that safe is mounted in the floor. Thieves won’t be able to easily break into it, and you can hide all of your most personal possessions there with some hope of those contents surviving a fire or natural disaster.

Bio: First Security Safe is based out of Los Angeles, and manages one of the largest showrooms for high security safes in the United States.

Different options for server room air conditioning

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1Written by MovinCool

Different server rooms will have different cooling needs. A lot of that difference will depend on the size of the room and the amount of equipment. Most server rooms at organizations are static for long periods of time. Rarely do they grow much larger or smaller but the cooling needs can change. Here are three options for server room cooling:

Central A/C

One option for a computer room air conditioner is to use the existing central air conditioning that is in use. The drawback here is that the plant responsible for the server room and possibly the surrounding areas will need to be kept running around the clock. This quickly adds to the cooling bill.

Portable Cooling

Portable cooling is excellent for smaller spaces, but it’s also useful for cooling hotspots around the room. Use them in corners, or in pockets, to keep small spaces cooler, while potentially running central A/C in addition. You’ll reduce the power consumption from running larger server rooms, and basically eliminate that high A/C bill for small server rooms. You can also use these units as supplemental cooling for nights and weekends, keeping hot spots cool while reducing overall central A/C use.


Tends to be useful for larger server rooms maintained by hosting companies, or companies that offer dedicated server space to consumers or businesses. These rooms tend to be large warehouse-like structures, so HVAC is one of the only effective means to cool an entire space.

However, power consumption does vary from room to room, and some servers can run hotter than others. Even with server warehouses, there is still a need for portable cooling as an emergency precaution.


MovinCool is a supplier of industrial cooling solutions and portable air conditioners. Look no further for your next fan coil unit purchase.


Three Improvements You can Make to a Bed for Better Sleep

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If you’re struggling to get a good night’s worth of sleep, then the bed could be your problem. You first need to make sure your sleeping in the proper environment:

  • Lower temperature at night and use warmer blankets if you get cold.
  • Humidifiers can help, especially with those who have bad sinuses. Good humidifiers have built in white noise machines.
  • Block out sunlight, street lights and anything else keeping the room lit. The space should be completely dark.

Once you’ve gotten through these basics, move on to the bed.


Buy Natural Latex

A natural latex mattress from Canada isn’t just cost effective. Natural latex will last longer over time than the standard spring mattress, and it isn’t doused in chemicals that can harm your breathing while you sleep. Natural latex won’t get lumpy, and it will last longer without ripping or tearing.

Upgrading your mattress is the best way to ensure you’re getting a comfortable night of sleep, and a natural latex mattress can be ordered based on comfort too. Higher density foam mattresses will compress when weight is placed on them. Memory foam also reacts to heat, which is how it contours to the body. Using these parameters for comfort, you should be able to find a mattress that will give you the support you need.

Add a Topper

A natural latex mattress topper can help improve the comfort level of the average spring mattress, and it’s usually a fraction of the cost of a full mattress. The one downside is that it might add significant height to the bed. For some people, that means a new set of fitted sheets.

A topper is a good idea if you or your spouse isn’t sleeping comfortably. It’s also a great idea for children who want to leave for college. A mattress topper can provide some comfort beyond whatever the dorm room bed can do, and it can be stored easily for moving purposes.

Get a Solid Box Spring

A solid box spring won’t creak as you enter or exit the bed, and will provide a firm surface for the mattress to rest upon. If you don’t want to use a box spring, you can opt for a frame that has a wood base installed. You need that firm surface, because it provides added support to the back. Without it, your bed would sag. That feels comfortable at first, but it will put undue stress on the spine.
The Foam Factory, Inc. Is a manufacturer of foam products, including natural latex foam used for bedding or packaging.

Three types of outdoor cushioning explained

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4Written by Wicker Paradise

An outdoor space can really help you and your family enjoy the fresh air and create a private space that can relax you after a long day. Outdoor areas are made even more comfortable with the right furniture. For outdoor spaces, the most comfortable furniture includes outdoor chair cushions. Cushioning will provide padding when lounging and be an affordable option when refreshing your space without replacing your furniture. Here are 3 types of outdoor cushioning explained;

Replacement cushions for patio furniture – There are many different designs of patio chairs. For example wrought iron chairs will have a designed back, that is meant to be left bare. Some other outdoor chairs will have a place for a cushion on the chair’s back and seat. Before buying your cushions, you will need to take the measurements for both the chair back and the seat.

Lounge Chair Cushions – These are another popular piece of outdoor furniture, which have extended seat for lounging, napping and sunning. These cushions will be larger and thicker than your usual cushions. Some of these cushions come as a single piece with a crease at the back, while others come in two separate pieces.

Bench Cushions – Adding cushioning to a bench can make for more comfortable seating. You can also add bench cushions to porch swings or other bench style seating.

Wicker Paradise is a provider of high quality wicker furniture. You can even find wicker replacement cushions there.

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