Tips for Painting Wicker or Rattan Furniture

Tips for Painting Wicker or Rattan Furniture

If you have wicker or rattan furniture and you want to paint it, one of the things that you want to know is how to do it. Below you are going to find some steps for painting things like wicker chairs.

Prep Your Area – Just like any type of painting job, it should be done in an area that is well-ventilated. If it’s good weather, do it outside.  If it’s raining, you can do it in your garage. Lay down some newspapers to put your furniture on. Use a cloth that’s clean for wiping down your furniture. Also remove loose debris or dirt from it using a soft brush.

Easiest way – The easiest method for painting wicker is by using spray paint.  It’s going to take a lot less time and you won’t have to worry about all of the holes. Spray the whole surface and let it completely dry before you turn the furniture over to get the spots you couldn’t reach.  If your wicker wasn’t dark, a primer shouldn’t be needed.

Protect yourself – Make sure that you are protecting yourself when you are doing the painting.  It’s a good idea to wear old clothing in case you splash yourself.  Also, wear gloves, goggles for protecting your eyes, and a mask to protect you from fumes.

If you are interested in buying new rattan furniture rather than painting your old white wicker furniture, Wicker Paradise is a good place to go. They have a lot of different pieces that you can choose from.