23, Jul, 2019

NYC Feature: Brooklyn Heights

Article submitted by ETO Doors Corp.

Everyone knows that Manhattan is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, but Brooklyn has a few neighborhoods that are now making parts of Manhattan look like the economical choice for housing.  Brooklyn Heights is one of those neighborhoods.   Originally named Brooklyn Village, the Heights was the location for the The Cosby Show, and remains true to the NBC’s story format as an upper middle class neighborhood.

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Brooklyn Heights is as quaint as it is comfortable, reminiscent of a European small town, many residents own a car, but most walk for groceries, dinner, and other family outings.  And when a trip into Manhattan is necessary, a plethora of train options exist to get you into the Financial District (FiDi) in less than 15 minutes.

Unlike many apartments in Manhattan, you may actually get what you pay for in the Heights. Brownstones and rowhouses are the typically housing structure, and if you like character, there is an abundance of the same on nearly every block of this neighborhood.  The brownstones and federal houses mostly fall within the “pre-war” classification, but have been preserved with care and accuracy to original form.  The doors are a mixture of single and double-entry ways, with the use of wrought iron designs, and painted colors as differentiators. A metal or fiberglass door in this neighborhood is a rarity; most Brooklyn Heights homes still use wood for their front doors, and given the classic appeal of the Heights, it seems appropriate to shun some modernity.


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