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Using 3M Air Filters to Increase the Air Quality in Your Home

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Air pollution can affect you whether you’re indoors or outside. Air pollution isn’t just the fumes from our cars, or the haze in the air. The air inside of our homes or offices can be just as harmful for us as the air inside. Microscopic dust particles can turn your indoor space into a haven for allergens. Children, the elderly and people with pets face the greatest risk, but these allergens follow us all throughout our days.

If you find yourself sneezing, or nursing a runny nose, read on for tips to improve the air quality around you. Making some small adjustments may help stave off allergies and improve your breathing.

In the Home

Start by designating your home as a “shoe-free zone.” Our shoes track dirt, feces and pollutants into the rooms we enter, effectively bringing those harmful allergens with us. Once inside, these particles circulate through our air conditioning systems and fans, or nest in our carpet fabrics. During the winter, be sure to change the furnace filter so that your heating isn’t contributing to poor respiration.

When you cook or use a shower, turn an exhaust fan on. High humidity in the bathroom will breed mold and dust mites, while fumes in the kitchen can upset our breathing. You can purchase 3m air filters for just about any size exhaust fan, and installation is simple. Replace these filters quarterly so that you can be sure your home’s air is at its cleanest.

Air Filtration and Chemicals

It also helps to have a professional clean out the air ducts in your home. Paints that are low in fumes can also increase air quality, and rid your home of that new paint smell.

Be sure to check whether your furniture has formaldehyde in the fabrics. This dangerous chemical is often used as a preservation, but it can have detrimental consequences in a house without proper ventilation. Even those with a sensitive respiratory system can suffer problems in close proximity to a couch or bed doused in chemicals.

Speaking of chemicals, non-toxic cleaners and natural cleaners will work wonders on your lungs. Avoiding ammonia and other heavy chemicals will also leave your home smelling fresh too. After you’ve cleaned, it helps to flush the house of stuffy air by opening the windows and doors to let in some air flow.

You can even cool your home with this technique. Simply open the windows and doors in the hottest rooms of your home and let the breeze outside keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Just remember to pay attention to the local fauna, you don’t want to trade one allergen for another.


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How to Purchase Winter-Friendly Commercial Garage Doors

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The Internet has created a need for warehouse-based stores, and companies like Amazon are rising to meet the challenge. Protecting these distribution houses from the elements becomes extremely important if you don’t want to lose any of your stock. The warehouse door is a weak link in the chain of insulation, and it’s often overlooked as a source for insulation and protection from the elements.

How Doors are Made

The actual make up of the warehouse garage door greatly affects its ability to insulate your space. Materials vary, as does the level of thermal resistance. This measurement, called the “R-Value,” looks at the door’s ability to resist heat flow. This is where the type of insulation becomes important:

  • Polystyrene insulation are on the lower range of the R-Value
  • Polyurethane doors offer twice the insulation of a polystyrene door and is recommended in severe winter weather conditions

Aside from the door’s thermal rating, it’s important that the installation does not allow excess air through small cracks in the door frame. Usually a seal, called an “astragal,” helps create an airtight space when the door closes.

Wood vs. Metal Doors

Wooden doors are more common at the consumer level, but commercial garage doors are typically made of metal. Wooden doors are more susceptible to the elements, and a metal door is more likely to stand up to day after day of industrial usage. The other advantage to owning a metal door is the paintjob you can apply, which is useful for branding or to match the colors of your building. It’s also easier to modify an industrial metal door if you want windows or some other custom installation.

The Ideal Door Setup

The ideal set up for commercial roll up doors is typically a 26 gauge metal unit. Polyurethane is recommended, but remember that insulation works both ways, so if extreme heat is an issue then polystyrene may be a better choice. An R-Value of 8 will work in most climates, and two layers of steel will be sufficient for many installations.

Other Tips

Cold storage may be required if you’re holding vegetation or food products. Ammonia freezers are generally cheaper than their Freon counterparts, and insulation is equally important for keeping the cold temperature inside. Don’t forget also that there are regulations that control what temperature food must be stored at to maintain freshness.


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Air Filters, Do You Need To Have One?

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Filtrete and 3M furnace filters? You surely have heard about air filters one way or another. Maybe you have gotten curious and trying to figure out if you will need to invest on a 3M air filter. Here’s the truth, if you are someone who would want to take good care of your health and prolong your life, then, you should be interested in having an air filter. If not, well, you can always worry about your health when you get old, right? – Not!

It can never be too early to start looking after your health and it should start on the air you breathe. Imagine yourself running in field of lush green scenery, what is the first thing that you can think of? Is it how fresh the air seems to be and how easy it is to breathe? When the air is clean, we seem to be more relaxed and it feels like we can live on that place forever. Technically, clean air CAN prolong your life because poor air carries toxins and allergens that can trigger various respiratory diseases. Air filters are recommended to clean the air inside of your home or office building. Air passes through the filters repeatedly to catch particles of pollutants, clean air is then blown inside your house that has been sanitized for up to 98%.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is one of the leading online suppliers of air purifiers, air conditioners, humidifiers, electrostatic furnace filter and many more.

The Benefits of an Electric Fence

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You have many options when it comes to choosing a fence for your home. For obvious reasons, the rationale for your fence should be the main determination for which type you choose. If you have farm animals you’re hoping to keep within a given area, no option can compete with electric fencing. Keep reading to find out why that is.

First, they’re incredibly cheap owing to their lack of materials. An electric fence is little more than metal rods hammered into the ground, some conductive wire and the mechanism to turn it electric.

Installing an electric fence is something just about anyone can handle on their own. Electric fence supplies are affordable and the actual construction itself is simple. You can save even more money with an electric fence by simply installing it on your own.

Should anything happen to your fence, it’s also very easy and affordable to fix. Unlike more traditional fences, you won’t need to call a specialist and find workarounds in the meantime. If you could handle installing the electric fence, you’ll have no problem fixing it on the fly.

Whether you’re buying an electric dog fence or one to keep in cows, you can’t go wrong with this option. It will save you money, while providing you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your animals are safe on your property.


Article submitted by Farm Supply Store. The company sells everything from garden fencing to horse fencing and anything in between.

Improve Health Instantly By Installing An Air Filter At Home

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A lot of us take our health for granted most especially on the early part of our lives. When we start to feel something that is the only time that we act and actually do something to improve our health. When we talk about health, the main concept that we have in our minds is the food we intake, vices and how often we exercise. While all of these factors are true, we overlook one of the most important things that contribute to our health – the air we breathe. Most of the time, our bodies could not detect if the air we breathe is contaminated. Installing an electrostatic air filter or heater filters can help sanitize the air and remove harmful pollutants and allergens.

Allergens and pollutants occur naturally in every household. These can be found not only in the air but also in our household furniture and even the walls of our homes. The effects of contaminated air may not be seen immediately, but as we continue to expose ourselves, we become more vulnerable to various diseases. Respiratory diseases are among the top 5 causes of death. It is never too late to start protecting yourself and do steps to prolong your life. Investing on air filters and purifiers is the first step, make sure that you also take time to maintain it to avoid equipment breakdown.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is one of the leading supplier of air purifiers, air conditioners, Honeywell furnace filter and many more.

Choosing the Bedding That’s Best for You

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When you set out to buy bedding, you can soon find that what should be a simple chose can easily turn into anything but. There are more options for bedding today than ever before. If you have queen sized bed, for example, you can’t simply hope to find queen bedding sets and call it a day. There are luxury bedding sets for example, designer sets, materials to be considered, etc. So before you walk into any stores or start clicking around the internet with your mouse, take a moment to consider what you need.

Start with your finances because if you can’t afford it, it’s simply not an option. Once you have a limit to what you can spend, you should be able to knock some options off your list. If your price limit had no effect on your options, that means you can and probably should buy designer bedding.

Of course, it’s always nice to save money and many people elect to by foregoing designer bedding and choosing a far more affordable option. If you have the time and patience, you can often track down off-name brands that still look and feel great.

Consider the materials you like the most as well. You’ll be spending a lot of time in that bed of yours; you should be comfortable while you’re in there.


Article submitted by BeddingStyle. The website is dedicated to all things bedding and carry name brands like Laura Ashley, Nautica, Vera Wang and Tommy Hilfiger Bedding.

Start Saving Money with Artificial Grass

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To many people, owning the best lawn on the block is a real point of pride. They’re willing to spend whatever it takes, in terms of time and money, to ensure their grass grows the thickest and greenest compared to all their neighbors. While this kind of pride can certainly be noble, the sad fact is that it could also probably be better spent elsewhere.

Artificial lawns make far more sense for your residential home, when you think about it. Nowadays, it can be made to look just like the real thing. In fact, you can have your pick of a number of different varieties to get just the look you want for your home.

Unlike the real thing, when you buy synthetic turf, you’ve spent the majority of the money and time you ever will on your lawn. That’s because the artificial variety doesn’t need water. It won’t require chemical treatments to kill off weeds. You’ll never need to aerate fake grass or cut it because of its length. It gets installed and you get to go on with your life.

Don’t spend countless hours under the hot sun slaving away at your lawn. Stop wasting untold amounts of money keeping its appearance competitive. Install the artificial alternative and start enjoying more of your life and money.


Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply. The company manufactures artificial grass and then sells it wholesale through the internet for residential, playground, commercial and athletic purposes.

Remodeling Your Chicago Home

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This guest post provided by Sensa.

Chicago is no stranger to vicious winters. Unfortunately, this often means that when spring comes, many people are going to find that their home is in disrepair. Fortunately, when it comes to remodeling contractors, Chicago residents have plenty to choose from. Continue reading to find out how to make the most of your selection.

One area of your Chicago home sure to get savaged is the roof. They put up with a lot year-round, but the winter can be particularly brutal to it. For this reason, it’s a good idea to schedule a roof analysis right before spring arrives. This way you’ll get an expert’s opinion your roof and beat the rush of everyone else scheduling theirs.

When it comes to roof repair, Chicago residents should always consider getting a second opinion if possible. There’s always a good chance winter left your roof alone, but if you’re only listening to one expert, you’d never know.

Before any work gets done on your roof, ask for a free quote upfront. Then call around and ask other local businesses what they would charge for the same service. You might be very surprised to find the great disparities between two experts.

While the damage may seem trivial, it’s important that you take good care of your home’s roof. It doesn’t just provide shelter, it helps to seal in your home’s hot and cold air.

Coming Home Worry-Free

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Luxurious cars, high-end boutiques, exquisite food, and 5-star hotels- such is the life living the California dream. There are so many things can possibly happen in a minute of this fast paced life we live in. We wake up at the first break of dawn, go about our daily work regime and come home tired at dusk and get ready to call it a night. We go through our lives so fast that every minute counts, and it is because of this that most people find difficulty sparing a few minutes to actually tidy up the household. In such scenarios, it’s advisable to hire outside help.

Living in California may have the glitz and glamour, but let us not forget that there are still things that we cannot run away from, particularly household chores. One can only go on a certain number of days without having to worry about chores, and that’s one reason why incalifornia maid servicesare so popular. Companies that offer house cleaning santa monicahave multiplied because of the increased demand.

Convenience is key in businesses such as this. One such institution located in the heart of Burbank  at 315 W. Verdugo ave, Ste 207, Burbank, CA 9150 makes sure that its services is fast, convenient, and reliable to its clients so while they go about their busy schedules, they can be rest assured that their household is in good hands and know t hat they’re coming home to a proper house they call home.


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Staying Warm this Winter Starts at the Floor

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With winter here, people can’t do enough to keep warm. Most of us just automatically walk around in layers and crank the heat as high as it will go. But modern technology has come up with new ways for people to beat the winter cold. Floor heating systems are a new trend that people all over the country are using to keep warm throughout the day. Continue reading to learn more about this phenomenon.

Every morning when you wake up, chances are one of your first stops is to the shower for your daily ritual. While you’re in the shower, it’s great. Your nice and hot and you wish that time would stand still. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and eventually you have to leave. Does that towel ever come fast enough when you do?

What if there was a way to continue staying warm though? Thanks to new technology you can experience warm floors and keep that sensation going.

Best of all, almost any floor can enjoy this kind of heating. If your home’s like most it has ceramic tile in it. Imagine outfitting every room with ceramic tile with that same great system that was keeping you warm after your shower. You’d have a hard time ever leaving the house.

While you’ll have to face the cold eventually, you can stay warmer longer indoors thanks to the new technology making it an option for everyone.


Article submitted by EZ Floor Heat. The company is helping to popularize Infloor Heat by selling products that make it easy to install.

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