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14 Filters for Humidifier – Keep Your Air Clean

November 17, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Until you own an air humidifier, you never realize how dry the air in your home can be. Without keeping that moisture under control, you can end up with damaged wood and damaged walls in your home, as well as things like nose bleeds and uncomfortable lung irritation. If you own a humidifier, you know that you have to get filters for it on a regular basis. Without filters for humidifier, you can end up with moisture “seeping through the cracks” and ultimately turning your humidifier into a waste of electricity and a device that may be pumping too much moisture into your home.

Filters in humidifiers help keep all of the natural particulates, like chlorine and fluoride out of the water that gets sprayed into the air. It’s recommended that you have about 40% humidity in your house at all times for things to feel comfortable, but without a proper filter, you could end up pushing more water than that into the air as well as pumping unnecessary chemicals and particulates into the air as well.

One of the most renowned brands on the market for humidifier filters are Space Gard filters. You can get humidifier filters replacement from a number of different online vendors, but unless they’re certified and ready to ship in bulk so that you can save money in the long run, you should shop around. Sites like www.yourfilterdepot.com offer the type of wide variety of filter types that you should be looking for.

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