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3 Reasons to Invest in Home Improvement Now

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So, are you interested in making investments?

Perhaps, the best place to this could start from your own home despite the dismal situation that the housing market finds itself in.

According to experts, it’s better to fix your home rather than trade it up, and here are a few reasons why:

1) Low Interest Rates

In comparison to the interest rates in 2007, which was at about 8.25 %, one can easily benefit from the rates that are between 3 – 4.5 % these days. So, in short, these rates are great. If you are still skeptical about drawing money for your saving or money fund account, the plummeting interest rates (at about 1 %) will not necessarily do much for you either.

2) Contractors offering lower prices

Compared to the times when you could not get a contractor to return your calls, the slump has pretty much changed all that in a hurry. Contractors will now offer you almost 10 – 20 % discount on their services, and even more in areas such as Florida and California.

3) Home building prices on the decline

Since the crash of the construction industry, the demands for home building materials has crashed to a point of no return it seems. And this translates into a crash in prices for building supplies and materials. For example, the cost of plywood has fallen to 23 percent, drywall by 29 percent and framing lumber by almost 35 percent.

Although, asphalt roofing and insulation has declined in prices substantially, one can easily benefit from the decline of costs in general.

Phone Apps That Can Help You With Home Improvement

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Article written by : Valley furniture Havre

Whether you are a professional in the home improvement business or you like fixing and designing stuff around the house, you can now add another tool in your repertoire: a cellphone.


And while you are wondering why this is so, there are several software programs that can help enthusiasts pick paint colors for their home or even find artwork that could be used for decoration at home.

One such example is a phone app (known as Houzz) that has been developed by Mark English, a San Francisco architect, which enables people to visualize their projects and plans. With almost 70,000 pictures of rooms, homes and landscape projects, homeowners can now clearly define what they would like and not like to see in their homes.

Yet another phone app known as the Dream Home gives customers the opportunity to search for thousands of photos that has been arranged according to their style, room and color.

However, there are phone apps that have been designed for other purposes as well such as offering tips on how to entertain and host parties. On the hand, some users can use apps that assist them with shopping as well as culinary advice too. And if that’s not enough, an app released by Good Housekeeping offers advice on a variety of topics in keeping your home spick and span.

The only caveat in all of this is the fact that while some of these apps are offered to users for free, there are which charge the customer anywhere between $1.99 to $4.99.

Tips to Pick The Right Color For Your Fence

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Article Submitted by Jeff Azzio of Home and Gardens Blog

While some folks like to ‘wing it’, others like to deliberate on the pros and cons before coming to any conclusions. And perhaps the latter comes to use the most in the case of choosing a color for your fence at home.

The truth is that the options are endless, and while one can get bogged down by them, it is important to note that there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before you make that all-important selection.

1)      The Big Picture

You have to remember that the whole idea of selecting a fence color involves color matching with the house and the general backdrop, and thus, one must take their time in selecting a color that matches all these requirements.

2)      Color issues with fences

Depending on the types of fence that you wish to use for your home, one must remember that each of these fences have unique issues with particular colors. So, one must watch out for this factor before making any choices.

3)      Other things to consider

If you’ve got the first two factors down, then it is important to take into consideration the garden, the coloring of the guttering, roof and any other features that stand out in your home. One more factor is to check how the color looks in broad daylight.

Taking all these factors into consideration, while checking with your supplier whether they have the color or not, one should be able to pick a suitable color for their homes.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Gardener

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Article Submited by Jef Azzio of Home and Gardens Blog

Only people who own a garden know the true pleasure of what Nature bestows on them, and since this takes a lot of work to actually get that picture perfect garden that you’ve always envisioned, hiring the services of a professional gardener can have its benefits.

So, here is a list of benefits:

1)      If you don’t have much time on your hands, hiring the services of a professional gardener can relieve of this extra chore.

2)      In the situation where you have a ‘dream garden’ in mind, it is definitely advisable to hire the services of a professional gardener.

3)      Just in case, you might own or run a park or have too large a garden, this is obviously too large for one to maintain, and therefore, a team of professional gardeners can maintain it well.

4)      If you are either renting or selling your home, the immediate impression of a well-tended garden can benefit you monetarily.

5)      On the other hand, if you have just moved into a new home, then it would be advisable to hire the services of a professional gardener to do a good job before you take over.

6)      If you are elderly or have a relative who is, then it will be a good idea to hire a professional gardener as this can reduce the amount of work that they have to do to take care of the garden themselves.

And while there are some people who think of gardening as more than a chore, there will come a time when it might get a bit too much to handle.

Reasons to Aerate a Lawn

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Article written by : Home Deco Design

With the restrictions of time and energy that creeps into our daily schedule on a daily basis, there comes a time when the effects of this, impacts our immediate environment. Take for example, your lawn, which due to neglect, can look brown and dirty and for all practical purposes, sick.
One way by which you can restore the lawn to its original beauty is by aerating the lawn using spiked shoes or for that matter, a powered aerator.

And while some people might not be convinced that this is really necessary, here are some reasons why one should indeed aerate their lawn:

Reason #1: Nutrition

The simplest reason for this is because the grass on your lawn requires food and water, and in order for the lawn to make the most of it, poking holes in your lawn will ensure that the grass gets enough fertilizer and water. Just ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions to buy the right fertilizer.

Reason #2: Oxygen

Much like every other living thing, grass requires air to grow, and once you aerate the lawn, you will see a big difference in how your lawn looks.

Reason #3: Improve Soil quality

In aerating the lawn, you will loosen the soil instead of allowing it to remain hard and compacted. One of the best times for a lawn to be aerated is either after a good rain or when during springtime.

Reason #4: Reduction of weeds

One will see further improvement of the quality of their lawn if they use weed and feed product after aerating the lawn.

Reason #5: Worm activity

Earthworms can be especially beneficial to your lawn.