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Cushion Wheelchair Seats for Your Health

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For individuals who require a wheelchair for mobility, the comfort of the seat they use isn’t just something that’s nice to have, but a major safety and health issue. The pressure created while sitting in the same position for eight, nine or 10 hours a day can cause pain, circulation issues and even sores in the most serious circumstances. This is why the proper wheelchair cushion pad isn’t only a matter of being comfortable but also one of health and happiness.

Two of the best cushioning materials for minimizing circulation problems and pressure sores are memory foam and latex foam rubber. These cushions distribute resting weight evenly across their forms and mold to the curvature of the body for a custom fit. Memory foam is temperature-sensitive, meaning that as it warms from a body’s heat, it molds and softens for cushion around the highest pressure areas. This allows the seat to envelop the body in soothing comfort that is much more efficient at reducing pressure points than a standard kitchen chair pad or bedroom pillows.

Natural latex foam has similar pressure reduction properties. Latex springs in support, providing constant comfort across the surface of the foam, responding immediately to changes in pressure and movement. Its pin-core design, created during manufacturing, makes it more aerating and cooler than other types of cushions for people who don’t want to feel too warm.

For cushion longevity, it’s also important to use a seat cushion cover that will provide a comfortable surface that is also easy to clean. If you’re experiencing circulation issues though, it’s important to see a doctor before taking any self-prescribed measures.

Chicago Home Improvement

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Posted by: Chicago Remodeling Solutions

Chicago home improvement refers to the message of renovating or improving your home. For the most part, home improvement refers to projects such as adding a garage, redoing the basement or adding a second floor to your existing home. It can also include maintenance projects such as replacing your roof or repairing plumbing, comfort projects including soundproofing your basement or upgrading your heating system, energy-efficient projects that include installing energy-efficient lighting and using woodstoves for heat and adding space projects which consists of adding a room or turning a spare bedroom into a home office.

There are several design considerations when thinking about bathroom remodeling Chicago. Bathrooms tend to be a challenge especially when it comes to the decorating aspects of it. This is because you need to choose floor, ceiling and wall materials that can be easily cleaned.  Many people will use ceramic and glass when remodeling their bathroom because these are easy to clean. To minimize the risk of electric shock, electrical appliances must be installed as a permanent fixture and not with plugs or sockets. This includes things such as heaters and lights.

The finest project is basement remodeling Chicago. If your home currently does not have a basement, a basement addition is the perfect addition to your existing home. Your basement can be anything from a game room to an entertainment area or a place for the kids to watch TV and play video games. You can soundproof your basement so that other sounds throughout the house are blocked out

Take Advantage of Air Bear Filters

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The air bear filters offer superior quality performance. It is the cost effective means of owning a home filter. As a matter of fact, the air bear filter can be used at home, offices, clubs, factories, and even in the hospital. The air bear filter can be directly mounted to the heating and cooling system. To be able to trap larger particles, you can use a pre-filter. Through the use of pre-filter, you will be able to lengthen the life of the filter.

On the other hand, the filtrete filter is one of the leading names in the filtration system. The best thing about this brand is that it is easier to maintain. As a matter of fact, it is efficient to use compared to other brands of filter. It is efficient in cleaning the air, which can be every dangerous to the health. It has several types of filters suitable to any preferences. Installing filtrete filter is the best choice you can ever have.

However, having a filter system in your home does not mean that your home is totally clean from any dust particles. You should also do some work. You should check the filter if it is too dirty and needs cleaning. There are different types of filter. You can use disposable filter as well as washable filter. To be able to save money, you should choose washable filter. Hence, you need to check the filter if it needs humidifier filters replacement. This way you will be able to keep your filter working at its best.

What Are Your Options for Fencing Pools?

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Fencing pools is a very common technique these days for plenty of reasons. If you think about it, a few people would actually like to fence their backyard pools, but they are actually obliged by most laws to do it. The fence is a common safety measure to prevent the accidents, such as the little kids falling in and drowning. There are plenty of materials and models to use for this fence, but no matter how much you search, you will still ruin your decor. Choose some bars and your pool will look like a jail. Opt for a wooden structure and you will end up with a little house with no roof.

These days, the modern architecture has finally come up with a solution. The glass balustrade is the excellent option to stick to the laws, ensure the protection of those around you and maintain your decor. The glass can be extremely resistant due to some special materials used in the build. It can support the extra stress and pressure with no problems at all. But what about the model?

Once you opt for glass, you also need to think about a model. Those who enjoy the idea of simplicity will definitely adore the new frameless fencing options they have out there. It is a modern technique that forgets about all the small details, sophisticated margins and handles. These parts are actually the most costly ones in the process. With this option, you don’t just save money, but you also maintain your decor in the perfect shape.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture – What Options Do I Have?

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These days, the outdoor furniture has reached to a new level. It has a particular status. It is not just the low quality furniture you use to sit in your backyard and read a book, but the furniture that provides some of the most relaxing moments of the day, therefore you must look after quality and a good design. The outdoor Wicker furniture is excellent from this point of view. The way you decorate your backyard is extremely important and not just for the feelings you have when you get out, but also for the general aspect.

The best part about Wicker is that no matter how picky you are, you can always find something to satisfy your needs and preferences. The producer deals with a wide variety of models, materials, shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you want some modernist white Wicker furniture or you opt for an old fashioned brown look, you know this is the right place to choose from. The secret is in your patience and the ability to fully organize all the things in your backyard. You must pick your new set according to the colors of your walls, as well as any other parts you keep in the area.

Some of the most popular sets at Wicker include the seagrass furniture. It looks like it is specifically designed for the backyard. It fully embraces the outdoor look, while you got plenty of colors to assort it with the rest. As long as you got the patience to search for the best solution, there is nothing to worry about.

5 Things to Do Before you Get Solar

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Article Submitted by Top Solar Energy Companies

It’s common knowledge that solar power has many benefits for the user in comparison to fossil fuels at both individual and collective levels.

For the most part, reduced costs in electricity bills as well as protection from the annual increase in energy costs are immediate advantages but before you think about solar installations, here are five things that you should do before you get solar:


#1: Reduce energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption in whatever way you can help serve in the long run when you are using solar energy because solar energy isn’t exactly cheap but will be after a few years.

#2: Get a professional home energy audit done

Another way by which you can save consumption is by ensuring that your home is well-insulated. A professional home energy audit before solar installation can help you with that, and in fact, can get you a solar tax rebate in the process.

#3: Read your electricity bill down to the last detail

Knowing how you are charged for the energy you consume is probably one of the simplest tasks but not many people are aware of this. If you understand how you are being charged, this will also contribute to a reduced electricity bill.

#4: Check the roof

Before a solar installation, it is important to check whether your roof gets maximum sun between 9 AM and 3 PM. Another less important factor is whether the roof will allow a southern exposure for installation.

#5: Do you have enough money for solar?

It all depends on your finances. While there are programs that make it easier, it won’t be wise to invest if you’re going to sink into further debt.

Anti-Static Packaging is Perfect for Electronics

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Securely packaging a product for safe shipment is one of the most important factors in commerce, whether the item is traveling across town or in a container crossing the ocean. If the product doesn’t get to its final destination unharmed and fully functional, people have lost money, wasted time and can have damaged business and even personal relationships. And it goes without saying, that the greater the value of the item being shipped, the greater the consequences of that item not reaching its destination in a fully functional form.

Electronics constitute one of the most expensive and delicate markets in shipping. In addition to needing to protect these easily damaged products from the jostling and impacts of transit, their components require protection against damage from invisible electro-static charges. These charges can destroy a product that in every other way, appears to be in perfect condition. To prevent this, anti-static foam packaging dissipates those charges, and can also protect against physical damage by cutting the foam to size, for secure, custom inserts. The foam does this by utilizing compounds added during the material’s manufacture to keep harmful charges from being released into products.

These pink, medium density foam foams can be used as a one-time shipping insert, long-term storage solutions or protective pads in casing for cameras, computers, or other pieces of technology. The compounds used to treat the foam are also applied to plastic film packaging and protective pouches, featuring the material’s signature pink color, just like the foam products.

When packaging needs to do more than protect a delicate electronic from physical and visible damage, anti-static foam is the material for the job. It helps guard against the things we can’t see or actively prevent, making it an incredibly valuable and unique material.

Welting and Buttons Add an Extra Touch to Pillows and Cushions

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In decorative cushions and pillows, a minor touch can make all the difference between a run of the mill decoration and something elegant that is kept for decades. These little touches are things we can see but don’t really notice except in the case of when a cushion or pillow doesn’t have them and we feel something is amiss. These touches; welting and buttoning, can add elegance and class to new pillows, replacement cushions, or any other comfort accessory in the home.

Welting, also known as piping, is a thin cord of cotton or a similar form-retaining material that is wrapped in fabric to match or accent a cushion’s cover material and sewn along an outer seam. Welting is an excellent way to cover seams neatly in sofa pillows and an easy way to boost a cushion’s aesthetics. Welting can be done around the outer edge in a pinched seam pillow or along the top and bottom of a box cushion, often seen on patio furniture cushions. Box cushion welting enforces the strong profile of thicker cushions and keeps the cover from sliding and slipping in use by giving the cover a tighter corner seam.

While welting helps to create a tighter, sleeker cushion, buttoning can create a traditional tufted appearance in a cushion to outfit antique furniture or enhance a room’s classic styling. Buttoning is accomplished by running a thread through the cushion’s form, tied off to two buttons on either side of the cushion. This creates a gentle pinching in the area the button is placed, resulting in a fluffy bunching of the cushion in the surrounding areas. This is most commonly done with a single button in the center, four buttons located near the four corners of a cushion, or with five buttons, four in the corners and one in the middle. When the foam cushion insert is wrapped in fiberfill, the tufting is even more pronounced.

If you’re looking to make a big difference with a little touch, consider adding welting and buttoning to your next cushion and pillow project.