24, May, 2019

3 Unforeseen Problems that Cause Construction Delays

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Construction jobs are tightly scheduled, with little room for error. A good construction company is one that is well staffed, and able to meet those tight restrictions. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly vet each job before you take it. One method of due diligence involves hiring construction advisory services. These professionals will assess your job, give detailed recommendations on how to perform it on schedule and provide assessments after the fact to discuss how to improve your work flow. Delays are a concern for any serious contractor. Here are some tips on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Change Orders

A change order occurs when there is something about the project that needs to be re-spec’d. This could be due to foreseen consequences, like a material shortage that will hit or a construction site with a complex layout. Changes can occur when work has been improperly estimated, but weather can affect it too. Projects also uncover delays as they happen, like a new request or obstacles that prevent a team from continuing work.

The best thing you can do for a change order is to try and plan as best as you can. Construction turnaround services can help you assess a potential job site before the bid, identifying key concerns that could cause problems as the project progresses.

Material Delays

Material delays could be due to a shortage of supplies, or a lack of access. In some cases, materials must be imported from other countries. Hang ups during customs can cause problems that you have little to no control over. You can control material shortages, or at least anticipate them. You can also design the project with minimal materials in mind. A structural steel expert is a good person to consult when you are looking for answers on which materials will work best in your site.

Material ordering issues can also creep up on computer systems, where ordering is largely automated based on the parameters the project manager sets. To prevent these types of errors, employ a second set of eyes to review the project parameters and work requests.

Failure to Coordinate

Manpower is essential to a construction project, but smaller companies hoping to scale often underestimate the value of good workers. A lack of experience can lead to construction delays because work may need redoing, or the project may not be up to code. Inexperience is also a danger to your site, as it can cause physical harm to your workers.

Vetting your employees thoroughly and consulting peers in the industry will help you manage employees more efficiently.