Benefits Of A Come Along/Ratcheting Level Hoists

Aside from a jib crane or any other heavy duty machine used for easy equipment lifts and transfers, many people are also investing on a good quality comealong that has a half to three tons weight capacity. One of the most popular comealong to date are the Lug-All products which has made an impact for providing utility and industrial hoists as early as 1949.

A come along is a manual or hand operated ratcheting level winch. The lever is used for pulling the cable into the wench, while the ratchet serves as the break to keep the wire or rope from unwinding. These are very easy to use and are extremely compact and lightweight. While Lug-all is a popular brand for come alongs, there are also numerous manufacturers offering this kind of tool. There are small and large models that have varying weight limit capacities. If you are planning to purchase a come along, do a quick search through the Internet to find a list of online suppliers. Also, it is advisable to read about the different brands and varieties of coma alongs before purchasing.

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