02, Jun, 2020

Goods and Services

Few things are more satisfying than being entertained by a game or toy you made yourself. Not only do you save a few dollars, half the fun is just thinking up the idea and implementing it. One toy most of us are familiar with, the airplane glider, is a perfect […]

Invented in the 1920s by Albert F. Shore, a durometer is a specialized instrument that measures the hardness of a material based on its ability to resist indentation. Durometers vary in size, but the majority are hand-held testing instruments. Pressed against the material being evaluated, such as automotive foam or […]

Because we spend so much time in our beds, basically a third of every day, it’s hard to recognize when it has deteriorated to the point where replacement is necessary. Quite frequently, an old mattress may seem comfortable because you’ve slowly adapted to its lack of comfort and support. But […]