02, Jun, 2020

Goods and Services

In packaging, acoustics and mattress toppers, people recognize eggcrate or convoluted foam the second they see it. The material’s peak-and-valley patterning does much more than provide something interesting to look at, however. An egg mattress topper offers excellent pressure relief, the pattern in acoustics can diffuse sound, and in packaging […]

As one of the best ways to make beds more comfortable with minimal cost and hassle, mattress toppers have never been more popular. With a variety of materials and sizes available, a mattress topper can be the solution to sleep issues, whether you have a studio apartment, a dorm room […]

No matter how well maintained, every seat pad or couch cushion will eventually wear out from use. But whether your worn-out pad cushions patio furniture, dining room furniture or your favorite sofa, there are many benefits to be had by making your own replacement cushions! It’s affordable! Possibly the biggest […]