03, Jun, 2020

Choosing a memory foam mattress

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Memory foam mattresses are a popular alternative to the standard innerspring mattresses. There is a lot to like about a memory foam bed, they are comfortable, provide excellent support and contour to your body. However, you need to be very careful when buying one. Here are some tips when choosing:

Density – Most people believe that the density of the foam is how it feels. That is wrong. In fact, the density of foam defines the durability of the product. Watch out for products that specify density only for a single layer rather than the entire mattress.
mmHg – For those that haven’t heard of mmHg before, it is the measurement of comfort used for beds. The value is how you determine how the mattress reacts to pressure. The healthcare industry has a standard of 32mmHg or under to be considered as pressure relieving.
Indentation Load Deflection – The ILD of a mattress can range from 6 to 40. A memory foam mattress Canada should have an ILD of somewhere between 10 and 16. Good mattresses use multiple layers with different ILD values for comfort.
Origin – Tests on imported mattress and mattress components are limited. Make sure to choose a mattress made in the USA or Canada rather than one that is assembled locally. It is difficult to tell the quality of an imported product as chemical odors are masked.


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