23, Sep, 2019

Cost-Saving Tips to Outfit Your Dorm Room

Dorm RoomWritten by: The Foam Factory

Moving into a college dorm is one of the most exciting times of a young person’s life. For most of us, it will be the first time we’re out on our own. That also means it will usually be the first time most of us deal with bills, budgets and allowances. If you’re worried about how a new move will hit your wallet, read up for tips on how to furnish your apartment with custom replacement cushions.

Buy Old Chairs

Bed bugs are a legitimate problem, so avoid buying used beds at your local garage sale, but you can do a lot with dining room chairs and a bit of elbow grease. You can use couch foam, which is usually either memory foam or polyurethane foam, to custom tailor cushions that fit your new chairs. In fact, you might be able to rip the old cushions out entirely and stitch yourself a new cushion with a pattern that matches the curtains, rug or bed spread in your dorm.

Take That Hand Me Down

Sagging couch cushions are the number one reason why your family might want to toss out that old sofa, but that trash is your treasure. In fact, most couch cushions have a zipper built in precisely to encourage re-upholstering the couch later in its life span. Taking that hand me down will save you hundreds on a thrift store couch you probably won’t use in the next few years anyway. Plus, you can order custom-cut shapes from most foam manufacturers so there is no cutting involved.

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