24, May, 2019

Floor Medallions Buying Guide

Installing new marble or tile medallions is a great way to update your property and inject style into your home. But with so many designs and materials available, selecting the right medallion can seem overwhelming. Do you want one large floor medallion or a few spread out evenly throughout the floor? Do you want the natural beauty of travertine or marble floor medallions or would you prefer a low-maintenance surface such as linoleum?

Some medallions are created for use on floors, while others also work as backsplashes. When it comes to upgrading your floors, make sure to purchase floor medallions. To help you find the best floor medallion for your home, here’s a look at the options available on the market and the cost for each.

Select the material of your choice. Ideally, you want to select a floor medallion that is made of the same material as your floor. But this is a rule that can be broken. Floor medallions are available in marble, granite, travertine, or can also be custom made by the material of your choice. Selecting a material depends on your budget and maintenance recruitments.

While natural stone medallions are beautiful, they are also porous and might be stained easily. For this reason, natural stones such as travertine require regular maintenance, including sealing. Marble is also a great choice for floor medallions, but it’s important to remember that it’s a soft material that is vulnerable to scratches. To maintain marble medallions, simply have it sealed regularly.

Select the design and shape of the medallion. Floor medallions are available in a variety of designs and shapes. Designs include everything from Italian-inspired motifs to Renaissance patterns and mosaics. You can also find classic Tuscan motifs, Spanish motifs, and other designs inspired by countries or popular destinations around the world. The key to selecting the right motif is to match the style of your home. If the majority of your home features Renaissance architecture and/or furniture, consider purchasing a floor medallion that features a traditional Renaissance motif.

When it comes to shapes, there is also a myriad of choices to be had. Floor medallions are available in circle, square, oval, and rectangular shapes. Selecting the right shape depends on how much room you have for the medallion and personal preference. It might also be helpful to have an interior decorator select a shape that complements the area in your home.

Choose a color scheme. Finally, consider the color scheme of the medallion. Ideally, you want to select a color scheme that matches the rest of your home. However, it’s also important to feature colors that will stand out from the rest of the flooring. After all, the point of a medallion is to create a statement piece that will enhance your property.


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