Giving Your Doors Second Life

Giving Your Doors Second Life

Written By Home Deco Design

Most people have an idea of what they want their dream home to look like. Many actually live in their dream home; they just have some work to do in order to get it there. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, there’s a good chance you don’t give your doors the credit they deserve. However, doors are necessary and can make or break a home. For this reason, you should take care in how your doors look.

Picking out the best doors is a good place to start. Your entry doors get the most attention, but all of them should really be given some of your focus.

Still, you may have already done this. Let’s say you picked some gorgeous exterior wood doors and are very happy with how they look. What happens when something goes wrong? Doors aren’t bulletproof (well, some are). Between your kids, pets and just normal wear-and-tear, they’ll eventually need help.

Instead of replacing them, though, try giving them second life. Wooden doors are especially easy for this. Strip the paint, if it has a coat, sand it down and then prime it and start over. You could also do countless other things to help the door look better. Get creative or go online and see what’s possible. At the end of the day, you’ll get a gorgeous, custom door without breaking your budget.