03, Jun, 2020

How to Tell Your Garage door is in Need of Repair

Written by: Superior Garage Doors in Atlanta

We sometimes forget that over time, a garage door goes through a lot of wear and tear. It’s just another part of our daily lives, so we don’t pay attention to the specifics of its normal operation. Thankfully, our garage doors will let us know when they need service. The trick is to know what to look for. Any operator will notice a door get stuck, but what about the wear and tear on springs before that happens? Before you need to call for professional garage door repair in Buford, GA, read this list of items to look out for.


Inspect the Obvious

If there are any broken wires, hinges, or other parts, it’s definitely time to contact a professional to get some help. Not only could these result your door becoming completely non-functional, they can also be very dangerous. The extra stress that is no longer being held by the broken parts gets added to the rest of the door, increasing the chance of failure elsewhere. If enough parts break, the door could even fall shut, potentially harming anyone unlucky enough to be in the way when it happens. If the door shakes while opening, or makes more noise than normal, a part you have not noticed may have broken in your Atlanta garage door opener.

Other Signs of Trouble

Another sign that you should keep an eye out for is cracks or holes, or if the paint has worn thin in places. Moisture can build up in the wood, which leads to rotting or structural damage that may require you to replace your entire door. The sooner you catch this, the better your chances are of being able to repair, instead of replace, your door.

If your garage door randomly seems to open or close itself, check all of your transmitters. If one is stuck under something where the button could be depressed, this may be the culprit. Another trick is to try changing the transmitter’s frequency. Occasionally a neighbor will have a transmitter that uses the same frequency, and is inadvertently operating your door as well as theirs. If none of these remedy the issue, you should seek professional help for garage door opener repair in Atlanta.

With these things in mind, and remembering to check the system over once in a while, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by catching issues before they compound theirself and more issues arise.