03, Jun, 2020

Must have tools in the garage

Written by Toolsmith Direct

Many, if not the majority of DIYers like to work on their car. This might be due to the fact that it is immensely satisfying to actually fix your car by yourself. However to do that, certain specific tools are needed.

Bolt cutter

A lot of time bolts get worn off, especially when they are handled by poor or damaged tools. In that case, it is better to replace the bolt and nut. These are often built out of strong metal. This is why you need a good bolt cutter. This will also prevent any unnecessary pressure on your machines.

Combination wrench

A combination wrench is another tool you need before tackling your car problems. Combination wrenches come in different sizes. So you need to be sure to know which one you need to buy. There are also combination wrench sets. This is a safer bet. Often times, complex machines use different sizes for their bolts and nuts. A complete combination wrench set will save you a few trips to the store.

Torque wrench

A torque wrench is a great tool when it comes to working on a car. Basically, a torque wrench ensures you do not put excess pressure on nuts or bolts. There are different ways this is achieved, but the most common one is click type. Once the necessary force is applied, a click sound is emitted by the wrench, signalling that the optimum pressure has been exerted.

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