23, Sep, 2019

New cushions can help you refresh your old furniture

New cushionsOver time, as a result of continual use and over time, all consumers’ cushions and mattresses are likely to need replacement. This can be considerably important, and will happen with more frequency, with boat mattress replacement, as weather elements, no matter in what climate, contribute to deterioration at a much more rapid rate.

There are three popular choices when it comes to boat mattress selection.

Innerspring mattresses, coming in conventional and Pillow Top style, are among the most popular in the home, and are also popular in boats, specially constructed for the demanding marine environment.

Latex mattresses provide a further level of comfort, conforming to contours of the body. Ideal in the salt water and fresh water boating environment, new cushions and mattresses made with latex are mildew-proof and hypo-allergenic, and are highly resistant to bacterial growth, a much bigger concern out in the elements than it can be within the home.

Gel Memory Foam mattresses are a newer innovation, and also a popular boat mattress replacement option.

Gel Memory Foam mattresses integrate a system of blending memory foam and an infusion of gel beads, rapidly channeling away heat from the body, providing uniform comfort in both warm and cool environments.

Two options in this mattress include the gel over pocket coil system, as well as gel over latex, with inches of gel foam over a variety of thicknesses of firm Latex core.