Should you flip the mattress?

Written by The Foam Factory

According to the National Sleep Foundation adults require an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per day. Considering that we spend about a third of a lifetime sleeping, choosing the right mattress and cushion plays an important part in ensuring our comfort. Just like people choose the best chairs and furniture for their offices, ergonomy in the bedroom is equally important. Moreover, taking good care of your mattress is also recommended. This is why people often flip their mattresses to avoid uncomfortable body impressions.

Depending on the people, mattresses are flipped once every month or twice a year. The frequency of mattress rotation depends on the type of foam mattress and the weight of the persons sleeping on the mattress. Basically, flipping a mattress ensures that it gets an even wear with time. However, flipping the mattress can sometimes be a tedious task as it involves putting in some force, especially if one undertakes it alone.

With a vast experience in manufacturing and selling foam products since 1980, Carlo Badalamenti has risen to VP of his organization. His company proposes an array of products such as the memory foams, latex or convoluted mattresses. Those mattresses are made to last and are durable enough to not require constant flips.

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