22, Aug, 2019

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool this SummerThe end of summer is almost here, which means that we are in the hottest part of the year. If you find yourself battling higher energy costs as you run your air conditioning, these tips will help you keep your house cooler.

Find a Reasonable Temperature

The first tip is to set a temperature in the house that everyone can handle, and that feels refreshing. You typically want your inner space to be about 20 degrees cooler than it is outside if you can manage it. For places like California and Arizona, that usually puts the interior of the house near 78-80 degrees. You can drop it down to 75 when you’re around, but you’ll save a lot more money if you let the interior temperature rise when no one is around to enjoy the cool breeze.

Install Window Treatments

Installing window treatments isn’t just to make a home look nicer. These curtains or shutters also block sunlight from entering the home. Your AC system will need to power on far less when you stop unnecessary heat from penetrating the space. On that note, it’s also a good idea to seal the exterior windows of your property with weather stripping or sealant.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to change your air filter. It won’t improve the temperature, but a properly ventilated filter will make it easier to breathe in your home. The dirt and dust that would normally enter the internals of your HVAC system get blocked by air filtration systems, so your AC unit will last longer too.

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