02, Jun, 2020

Tips To Warm The Bedroom

ebbonesolidflannel_nThe cold winter weather is upon us, which means it is time to bundle up and try to stay warm. The bedroom can get cold quickly, especially over night. When trying to sleep, staying toasty warm helps you get a full night of sleep. Your body tries to equalize temperatures while you sleep, so bedding and accessories are crucial in helping you find the right temperature for you.


The most obvious place to start is with the materials on your bed. Swapping your light comforter for flannel sheets can add significant heat without layering too many quilts. Thread count is also important, as higher thread counts tend to trap body heat easier.

You can also use covers for your quilts, which add a bit of warmth without too much weight. The problem with stacking comforters is body heat. Temperatures beneath the covers can quickly reach unsustainable levels. Insulating blankets are thinner and provide an extra layer sewed within that reduces heat loss.

Luxury bedding with a high thread count is a good idea to top off your bedding. If you can’t afford higher thread counts, opt for synthetic fibers or goose down, which also help to insulate you.

Dressing the Part

Once you have the bedding figured out, you can work on your apparel. Wear pajama pants made with thick material, like fleece pajamas. These cozy ensembles are so comfortable you’ll have a hard time taking them off to go about your day. Pair the pants with a warm long sleeve, or something cool if your body feels too hot. Try a fleece-lined slipper, or slipper socks to add some extra warmth to your feet. Especially if you have hardwood flooring. If you are still feeling chilly, throw on a warm fleece bathrobe to top it off.

Windows and Window Dressing

Make sure your windows are keeping out cool weather as well. Putting thermal lined curtains or drapes on your windows will keep heat inside where it belongs, but don’t forget to check your windows for drafts. If you find any, you can use caulk, expandable foam or weather-stripping to help keep your room warm.

Final Thoughts

All of these solutions were done without ever turning up the thermostat, lighting a fire, or plugging in a heating unit. Try some of these methods in your bedroom this winter to keep the freeze away!

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