Tricks for Proper Artificial Grass Installation

Tricks for Proper Artificial Grass Installation

Written by Viv Artificial Grass

Installing your own fake grass lawn is much easier than you might think. While you can hire a professional installer if you want to avoid any hassles, chances are that you can install your own fake grass with limited landscaping experience. However, you do need to take care in order to ensure that it’s done properly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you plan on putting in your own artificial grass lawn:

Remove the weeds from underneath your installation point. Any weeds that grow below your artificial turf lawn can poke through and damage your lawn. Instead, use commercially available weed killer several days before to completely wipe out any weeds that exist. Don’t worry about going overboard: you are taking out the natural grass anyway.

Protect against weeds with a weed barrier. Even if you get rid of all weeds initially, they can come back underneath your synthetic grass lawn over time. You can purchase a 15 to 25 year weed barrier just below your lawn to protect against future weed growth. It can be installed using basic landscaping staples.

Use a carpet or box knife to cut pieces as large as possible. Buying pieces of turf that are as close to the size of your lawn as possible eliminates the need to piece together different slices of turf with seams. Planning ahead of time can help you to avoid this issue. If you do need to seam your turf together, you can either use commercially available carpet seaming or long landscaping staples.