Two Big Causes of Construction Delays

Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Summary: These two causes are a common source of construction delays.

A construction delay can cost a lot of money to deal with, especially if the process of filing and resolving the claim drags out. As a result, it’s important to stick close to the schedule and do your best as a project manager to come in under budget. Unfortunately, even the best-planned jobs can go awry. When they do, a construction consultant can make the difference in navigating the legal process.

The Issue With Supplies

Materials can be a tremendous thorn in the side of any project manager. It’s tough to budget for the costs of materials early into the project, and there are many potential delays that can occur in the shipping of supplies. You may need to retain a structural steel expert to determine the integrity and strength of the steel you’re using to build the frame if you want your building to be up to code. Failure to follow up on these

Managing Personnel

Commercial construction projects have large demands with regards to personnel. There are also time frames to remain conscious of, especially as workers grow fatigued over the course of the project. One of the best defenses a project manager has against this problematic situation is to review personnel ahead of time and contract out to extra firms as needed. You may be able to save money in the budget paying two firms cost, rather than one firm with over time.


A construction consultant can help assess the state of your project at any point, and help you avoid making a bad problem worse. Small mishaps like scheduling are easily fixable, and sometimes a levelheaded third party is all that’s needed to solve the problem.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a construction consultant and structural steel expert specializing in commercial and residential construction projects.