23, Sep, 2019

What to Look for when Hiring a Home Inspector

What-to-Look-for-when-Hiring-a-Home-InspectorWhen Justin and Kate Treher hired a home inspector to seek out any damages in their new house, they got more than they bargained for.

After receiving a pass from the inspector, the couple then went on to move into the house, eager for a fresh start. After comfortably settling in, they realized that the inspector might have missed a few things – a few things that would cost them thousands of dollars in repairs.

The previous homeowner claimed to have tested the sump pump in the basement – which turned out to be a fluke. Shortly after moving in, the pump failed and flooded the entire basement. To make matters worse, they then found out that their sunroom was infested with termites and covered entirely in mold.

These occurrences do happen, and they can happen to you as well. Make sure that you hire a trustworthy home inspector that has been in the field for years and can prove it also.

Performing proper research on a home inspection company is vital in obtaining the comprehensive report that you need. Check their references – but take them with a grain of salt as they might be biased opinions. Ask them what their special expertise is and have them provide a copy of a sample inspection report so you know what you are getting out of the whole process. Be sure that they can communicate with you properly.

Moving into a new house should be an exhilarating experience. Finding out there have been previous damages that haven’t been mentioned is not only going to be frustrating but it could set you back a few thousand dollars in repairs.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate firm focused on providing ethical, professional, and results-oriented services to property owners and prospective real estate buyers.