3 Major Difference Walls Mirrors Can Create for a Room

They come in all shapes, sizes and styles, making the perfect decoration item for adding color to a wall, adding light and depth to a room. Mirrors are pieces of art; they become the focal point of a room, and even the most ordinary mirror can add a new perspective to a living room, bathroom and bedroom. Since there are so many different sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, you’ll never run out of options and ideas for where to place a mirror and the color, style and size to match your room.

Visually Expand

Mirror do something amazing for a room: they expand the visual perception of a bathroom, living room or bedroom, and combined with lights, make dark rooms bright. While this visual expansion may work in your favor, it can also be the grounds for making unwanted reflections. A mirror may add light and depth to a dinning room, but say that mirror reflects sunlight into your eyes as you eat. The reflection created will make for some uncomfortable dinner conversations as you shield your eyes from the sun.

Whether you use contemporary mirrors or vintage mirrors, try to reflect the positve attributes of a room. Take the living room for instance; a mirror can expand the imagery of the beautiful furniture, open spaces and low-lighting present in the room.

Complement the Walls

If there’s one thing that mirrors do well is they serve to complement the walls present in the room. The frame of the mirror can coordinate and add color to a room. When finding the right complementary mirror for a wall, the important issue to remember is not to allow the frame color to blend in with the color of the wall. For instance, you wouldn’t want to hang a dark-framed mirror on a dark colored wall. Instead, you’ll want to hang a light-colored frame on a dark-colored wall.

To Hang or Not to Hang

Oversized mirrors don’t always have to be hung inside a room. Large mirrors can add the same visual affect by resting on a wall as they would by being hung in a room. Take for instance two convex modern mirrors placed on opposite corners inside of a living room. The perception created by the convex mirrors creates a different dynamic inside the room than if they were hung. The reflections add new images and perspectives to the room that one mirror, or two hung mirrors could not replicate.

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