25, May, 2019

Construction Disputes – Settle them Successfully Outside the Courtroom

If you are dealing with a construction dispute, you may be wondering where to turn: perhaps to the courts, to file a lawsuit and to begin a long, drawn-out legal proceeding. Construction disputes are already expensive. When a renovation goes wrong, a new office build sparks a dispute between the owner and builder, a project goes over deadline, unpaid bills pile up, or flaws and problems show up in construction projects after completion, the costs can range from thousands to millions of dollars. Companies like Lyle Charles Consulting can help provide you solutions to settle disputes outside the courtroom.

There is an alternative to going to court and the lengthy, expensive process of a lawsuit: private mediation for construction disputes with an experienced expert. Mediation can allow both parties to achieve a successful outcome without losing more time and money to the court system. Mediation involves individuals in the process as people; it doesn’t leave your dispute to the mercy of an impersonal court system.

An experienced construction consultant who understands technical, business, regulatory, and legal aspects of construction projects can be critical for successful dispute resolution outside the courtroom.

Experts can help to resolve disputes and help a business to bounce back from the fallout of construction problems by providing full-scale construction & turnaround services. These services help a business to succeed after successfully settling a dispute. They work to build a stronger and healthier foundation for the business to move quickly into the future with the construction issues settled, and without legal fees and lengthy courtroom battles looming over its future.