23, Sep, 2019

Different options for server room air conditioning

1Written by MovinCool

Different server rooms will have different cooling needs. A lot of that difference will depend on the size of the room and the amount of equipment. Most server rooms at organizations are static for long periods of time. Rarely do they grow much larger or smaller but the cooling needs can change. Here are three options for server room cooling:

Central A/C

One option for a computer room air conditioner is to use the existing central air conditioning that is in use. The drawback here is that the plant responsible for the server room and possibly the surrounding areas will need to be kept running around the clock. This quickly adds to the cooling bill.

Portable Cooling

Portable cooling is excellent for smaller spaces, but it’s also useful for cooling hotspots around the room. Use them in corners, or in pockets, to keep small spaces cooler, while potentially running central A/C in addition. You’ll reduce the power consumption from running larger server rooms, and basically eliminate that high A/C bill for small server rooms. You can also use these units as supplemental cooling for nights and weekends, keeping hot spots cool while reducing overall central A/C use.


Tends to be useful for larger server rooms maintained by hosting companies, or companies that offer dedicated server space to consumers or businesses. These rooms tend to be large warehouse-like structures, so HVAC is one of the only effective means to cool an entire space.

However, power consumption does vary from room to room, and some servers can run hotter than others. Even with server warehouses, there is still a need for portable cooling as an emergency precaution.


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