Energy Efficiency Is the Way of the Future

When you’re ready to step into the future with a home energy audit, call trusted professionals. Two names you should familiarize yourself with are RESNET and the Building Performance Institute (BPI). These are the bodies that grant certification of training to home energy professionals — the folks you do want to call. Structural rearrangements in your home cannot be left to amateurs because fixing the problems they leave you with can be the cause of outrageous expenses.

If you spend your hard-earned resources to buy material and hire attic insulation contractors, you want them to do a proper and complete job. Your home’s integrity is not something to take lightly. With the right people and the right plan, you will have an investment that in the long-term, may be capable of paying for itself, in addition to providing you beautiful and enriching benefits. Some of these are a more hospitable home with added property value, and doing your part for the environment.