03, Jun, 2020

Fire Rated Garage Doors

Written by: ETO Doors

Garages are one of the most likely places where a fire could start. You might think your kitchen would be a dangerous place that a fire could quickly turn up but contrary to belief your garage is even more dangerous. Assuming you have a vehicle or two parked inside your garage. The danger of having a hot engine that just recently parked can ignite if oil were to drip on it. Also, if you store paint thinners with rags, it can spontaneously ignite, leaving you with an out-of-control blaze that could potentially burn down your entire home.


Luckily, fire rated doors have been created for homes to address that issue. Many garages are connected to the inside of the house. They need to be able to withstand large amounts of heat if a fire were to suddenly erupt. All of that pressure could equal to an explosion or can gobble up the entire wood fixtures in the house quickly.

Fire doors were tested to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of a fire. You can purchase them in time increments – for example, a 20-minute door or a 60-minut door – are available. If you live in dry weather, your garage is even more prone to a fire occurring. Although fire rated doors are safe and will ultimately provide more security against the heat, it is recommended that you do not rely on them to outlast every single type of fire. It was designed with safety in mind in that people will be able to escape a burning building.

Purchasing a fire door is a wise investment that will protect your household and provide an extra security blanket for you and your family.

Modern doors can be sturdy and stylish but can be dangerous when a fire is trapped on the other side of the door. Installing a fire door in place of your regular interior door will maximize the security of your house when it comes to a fire risk.

If you consider safety as your number one priority, consider installing a fire door. This is especially important for areas that have blazing heat conditions. All of the dry weather can take a toll and leave your garage sweltering and prone to a fire starting. Visit your local door manufacturer today to receive a quote on the many fire rated doors available today. Keep your home as safe as possible. If you are at risk, then upgrade to the safest option on the market today.