18, Jun, 2019

What to Look For in Wooden Commercial Doors

Written by ETO Doors.impactrma2_large2-w800-h600

Purchasing the right doors for your commercial property is an important decision for aesthetic and safety reasons. You want to make sure that you buy doors that are easy to install and will complement the overall look of your commercial building. At the same time, you also need to consider safety concerns including the doors’ ability to provide protection in case of a fire.

While fiberglass and steel doors are potential solutions for commercial properties, wooden doors can also be a smart choice. They offer a unique and natural look that is different than what can be found with metal doors. Most of these doors are fire-rated to give your building’s occupants protection from flames in case of a fire.

Fire-rated doors are measured in how many minutes they can withstand fire under test conditions. The door that is right for you will depend on where the door is placed and the types of spaces that the door is between. For example, you might need a 180-minute rated door if the door separates two buildings, but only require a 20-minute rated fire door in areas where the primary concern is smoke and draft rather than direct heat from a fire.

You’ll also want to make sure that you research the level of soundproofing that your wooden commercial door provides. Depending on the construction of the inner core of the door, a wooden door can help to keep noises from entering or exiting certain rooms. This can be useful for conference rooms, audio/video studios and other areas where maintaining a quiet atmosphere is vital.

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