03, Jun, 2020

Four benefits of adding a portable air conditioner to your home events

There is so much planning that goes into organization large parties and functions, even if they are at home that it is easy to miss important factors like cooling. Often, when you have a party on your lawn or backyard, we forget to include some form of outdoor cooling for the event. Here are some of the advantages of adding a portable air conditioner for your events:

Food mishaps

Large events tend to have desserts and cakes. When the temperature starts to rise as the guests come, you risk melting some of the desserts. Also, it becomes challenging to keep so many guests cool that you will run out of ice and cold drinks.

Party longer

You can plan for many factors of a function but not the weather. When it gets too hot (or too cold) your guests might leave early. Since we are looking at a home event, the food and drink will be paid for. Keep the temperature stable, and it is more likely that your guests will stay longer.


An extra hot day will also impact any other vendors hired for the event. The caterers, servers, and even the DJ will feel the heat. When people are hot for long periods of time, it affects their performance, which in turn can affect your event.

Setting up a portable air conditioner is easy. According to MovinCool.com, their units are entirely self-contained, enabling quick and easy set-up, installation and breakdown at all events.