03, Jun, 2020

How to Choose the Right Thickness and Density Level for a New Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

Summary: Memory foam bed toppers can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a good night’s rest. But first, you’ll need to consider both thickness and density levels to obtain maximum support.

Purchasing memory foam bed toppers for your home can make a huge difference in the way you sleep. However, buying these toppers requires a complete understanding of how it can provide you with this added benefit. This guide is designed to discuss two important factors, thickness and density, of toppers that you’ll need to know to find the most suitable option.

Why Buy a Memory Foam Topper?

Memory foam has proven to feel far better when compared to a traditional foam mattress topper made from polyurethane. For one, memory foam gel offers support, comfort, and a unique therapeutic advantage for those suffering from joint and muscle problems. Furthermore, it has the capability to “memorize” your body posture and keep you in the most therapeutic position while sleeping.

Choosing the Correct Thickness and Density

Now, let’s get into the variable options that you have available to you. The three most common are 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches.

A 2-inch thick topper has the least thickness and merely provides a minimal amount of added comfort and features of having a memory gel feel on your existing mattress. However, for those that are unfamiliar with memory foam mattress toppers, it’s a good place to start – not everyone finds a thicker topper more comfortable.

A 3-inch thick topper is the most popular mattress topper due to its ability to provide extra soft surface and support to the backbone and neck. Essentially, it contours according to the curves on your body. If you require an extra soft and supportive memory foam feature, then you should consider purchasing this one.

A 4-inch thick toper is more of a luxurious toppers as it can provide you with all of the benefits a king size memory foam mattress can. This type of topper can completely adjust according to your body’s shape and weight – and lifts up the body parts that require support. Although this is your most expensive option, note that it can mimic the feel of a memory foam bed, which is a perfect alternative if you’re unwilling to make the entire switch.

Choosing the Right Density

The density of memory foam determines the extent to which you will be obtaining the comfort, warmth, and support of the topper. Note that memory foam mattress toppers vary in density levels – the higher the pound per cubic foot, the higher the quality of memory foam you’ll be receiving. While you may be inclined to purchase the highest density available thinking it’ll give you the best sleep, don’t rush your purchase. It’s important that you give each type of topper a try, even if it’s a push of a finger. You may change your mind after trying out different density levels. Some like their memory foam feeling soft and plushy while others like a more firm bed that tightly contours around the body. Stay open to trying out different toppers and choose one that best suits your needs.