Latest trends in kitchen design

Written by The Oaks Development Company

Several trends have emerged lately when it comes to kitchen design. Kitchen no longer uphold the classic designs that they used to have from the past. Kitchens are more and more being exposed as the hearts of the home and as such a lot of attention is given to its design and decoration. The following trends might give you some ideas if you wish to revamp your kitchen.

The kitchen as the family room

The kitchen is now no longer considered as just the kitchen, a place to cook. It has now evolved as the place to hang out as a family. The kitchen now involves chairs and even sofa to accommodate the kids while they snack on something or do their homework in the presence of their parents who would be making dinner.

The Minimalist Kitchen

This form of “zen” kitchen fits the minimalist decoration of the rest of the house. Gone are the days when the kitchen had its own style or no style at all. The kitchen now blends perfectly with the whole decoration of the house.

Walk-in pantries

These are better versions of the walk-in closet, the pantry is adjacent to your kitchen and you would be able to display your ingredients at your leisure, just like Nigella Lawson would.

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